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University Alumni or Donor Funded Scholarships for Postgraduate Students 

 The following funds have been established by generous donations from alumni and friends of the University.


Part-time postgraduates - W H Revis Bequest Fund 

The University offers limited help with the cost of tuition fees to part-time postgraduate students through the W H Revis Bequest fund.  Applicants should be residents of the UK, self financed, unemployed or on a monthly net income of up to £2,200 for single students and £2,350 for couples (see breakdown below). Special factors are if the applicant has dependants, or a disability or long term medical condition.

Please note: As this fund is a support fund, financial hardship must also be proven.

It is expected that, where eligible, students will have taken out the relevant Postgraduate Loan. Where students choose not to take out the loan we will still include the loan amount, as income, within the assessment.

Grants are paid in the form of a direct deduction from tuition fees.

W H Revis award breakdown
 Monthly net income  Award
 Single person  Couple  
 up to £1,200  up to £1,350  £1,500
 £1,201 - £1,800  £1,351 - £1,950  £1,000
 £1,201 - £1,800 +special factors  £1,351 - £1,950 +special factors  £1,500
 £1,801 - £2,200 +special factors  £1,951 - £2,350 + special factors £1,000 
over £1,800 with no special factors  over £1,950 with no special facts  No award


Apply online here

Please read the guidance notes before applying and ensure that you submit all supporting documents within the online application form, including the childcare letter where relevant.




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