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The information on this page is designed to complement the support and advice of Academic Schools and Departments. Please follow your department's guidelines and only use the materials offered here to supplement these.

Below is a list of links to various course-related resources.

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Links to Course-related Study Resources
Course AreaTitle of ResourceDescription of ResourceSource


The Writing Protocols Series

A series of PDFs providing concise guides to help engineers with specific aspects of written communication including: writing productively, editing your work, and writing a literature review


Health and Social Care courses

'Be more critical!' (Edition 2)

PDF file icon  A practical guide on improving critical writing skills, using examples from Health and Social Care.  An expanded version is available as a book from the University library (log-in required to access NuSearch).

Oxford Brookes University

Health Sciences

Understanding research study designs

Basic definitions and examples of research designs - using clinical/health sciences studies: case studies and case reports; case control studies; cohort studies; randomised controlled studies; double-blind method; meta-analyses; and systematic reviews.  A PDF of the page is accessible from the website.

Bio-medical library, University of Minnesota

Modern Languages

Learning vocabulary

PDF file icon Strategies for understanding how memory works and how to apply strategies for learning language vocabulary

University of Nottingham

Nursing and Midwifery

Numbers for Nurses

Multimedia resources on division and fractions (inc. videos, demonstrations and exercises)

University of Nottingham

Nursing and Midwifery

Study Skills for Nurses and Midwives (handbook)


Handbook Breakdown PDF file icon


PDF file icon This handbook includes advice on strategies for studying to be a nurse or midwife, such as how to critique journal articles on health issues and how to reflect on placement practice


University of Nottingham


Nursing, Midwifery and Sciences

General study materials (RLOs)

Multimedia information on health and science processes and functions (e.g. anatomy; pharmacology; atoms, cells and enzymes), practical and clinical skills (e.g. hand hygiene; injections) and study strategies (e.g. developing questionnaires; interpreting clinical data; using statistics)

Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM), University of Nottingham 


Placement based courses Applying the Gibbs' Reflective Model

Outline and advice on writing each section of a reflective piece using Gibbs, including prompt questions and guidance on breaking down the word count

Based on Peter Lia, King's College London "Using Gibbs' Reflective Cycle"

Futures Skills Award, Manchester Metropolitan University

Placement based courses

Critical reflection

An introduction to Critical Reflection

Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM), University of Nottingham

Placement based courses

Gibbs' Reflective Cycle

Advice on how to apply Gibbs' reflective cycle; a template of questions and guidelines for structuring reflective writing; and brief examples of reflective writing.

This is part of a wider Reflection Toolkit.

Employability Consultancy, University of Edinburgh

Placement based courses


Click Start > UoNApplications > MindView

or Click Start > All Programs > UoNApplications > Tools and Misc Software > MindView7

MindView allows creation of mind-maps to help with planning assignments. It fully intregrates to import/export with MS Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Note the availability of video guides in the Options menu or via the  MindView playlist on YouTube.

University of Nottingham

Placement based courses

Reflective writing - a basic introduction

Advice on the basics of reflective writing including a vocabulary aid of sample sentence beginnings and structures

Martin Hampton, ASK, University of Portsmouth

Placement based courses

Reflective writing guidance (RLO)

Multimedia advice, including video and audio clips, to help students analyse their activities and experiences on placement

CETL - London Metropolitan University


Placement based courses

Sample placement timeline

PDF file icon  Using MindView can help produce a placement timeline to manage tasks and activities such as weekly reviews and producing portfolio evidence

University of Nottingham

Social Sciences

Companion for Undergraduate Dissertations

Advice on Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, Criminology, Social Policy and Social Work dissertation structures, chapters and practical writing issues

University of Birmingham: developed in partnership by the Higher Education Academy and Sheffield Hallam University

Technical and scientific courses

LaTeX - a document preparation system

LaTeX is a document preparation system which uses mark-up language (similar to computer programming) to define the format of the text on the printed page

Free software


Veterinary Medicine and Science

Study Skills for Vet Students by Vet Students

With content from existing Vet School students, this covers a range of topics including getting organised, condensing material and getting the big picture, using learning objectives and different ways of learning

University of Nottingham