General study strategies

The information on this page is designed to complement the support and advice of Academic Schools and Departments. Please follow your department's guidelines and only use the materials offered here to supplement these.

The links here cover multiple aspects of studying and offer strategies on a variety of issues (in common with this site from Academic Support at Nottingham).

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Links to General study strategy resources
Resource TitleDescription of ResourceSource

University of Nottingham resources


The 3-5 approach

The 3-5 approach: how to break down assessments and study tasks into manageable chunks

University of Nottingham

Using the 3-5 approach as a study strategy

Moodle resource covering the 3-5 approach and Writing Triangle

University of Nottingham

Notetaking in lectures and revision preparation

Strategies for before, during and after lectures to make notes more effective for revision preparation

University of Nottingham

Studying Effectively 

Covers advice on 'Studying at University', 'Types of teaching', 'Being organised', 'Reading and interpreting sources and data', 'Writing' and 'Preparing for assessment' 

Teaching and Learning, University of Nottingham  

UoN u-Now (open courseware)

Learning resources, including podcasts

University of Nottingham

Self-help resources including podcasts

Podcasts and text available on UoN Counselling Groups and Workshops; the 'Fight or Flight' response; Mindfulness; Progressive muscle relaxation; and Relaxation breathing

Counselling Service, University of Nottingham
  Other resources  

Academic skills guides 

Guides to help develop the academic skills needed to be successful in lectures, seminars, research, essay writing and examinations

University of Southampton

BRAIN.HE (Best Resources for Achievement and Intervention re Neurodiversity in Higher Education)

Includes advice on various learning strategies (e.g. mind-mapping).  Especially useful for students with Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)



I-Tunes U (University of Nottingham)

Free video and audio podcasts on academic subjects from across the world, including Nottingham

Various education institutions / Apple



Free advice on how to form mnemonics/memorable phrases to aid learning

Free website




Provides a range of study resources, including advice on 'Critical Thinking and Reflection'



Learning development

Advice and downloadable PDFs on study and exams, academic writing, dissertations, numerical data, presentations and working with IT

University of Leicester

LexDis 2.0  

Tips on using technologies to make eLearning easier. Search resources by task (e.g. academic writing, note-taking) or by difficulty (e.g. hearing loss; pain, fatigue and stress; short-term memory)

Access Team at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton  

Memory techniques

Using mnemonics and other memory tools to help develop recall strategies

Mind Tools

Mindfulness for students

Resources and information on mindfulness to help you stay calm and focused

Mindfulness for Students Network


Advice on a variety of study strategies including exams, managing group work and oral presentations

University of Leeds

Student study skills 


Covers a variety of study strategies and critical thinking skills, alongside career and personal development planning (PDP) and advice on the student experience

Palgrave Macmillan


Study Skills: Online tutorials

Includes variety of strategies including good study habits, reading and critical thinking skills, as well as essay and assignment writing

Birkbeck, University of London

Study Skills for Dyslexic Students  

Covers reading skills, writing skills, organising yourself, and using and acknowledging sources

University of Sheffield