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The information on this page is designed to complement the support and advice of Academic Schools and Departments. Please follow your department's guidelines and only use the materials offered here to supplement these. 

Note: these resources are listed in alphabetical order.

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Links to Study Resources for Presentations and Posters
Resource TitleDescription of ResourceSource

The craft of scientific posters 

Advice on making titles clear on posters, using the right size text, presenting scientific results clearly, and using visuals effectively 

Michael Alley, Penn State University

Effective poster presentations 

Guidelines for effective visual posters communicating academic work, and how to create and evaluate posters 

North Carolina State University 

Oral exams (vivas)

PDF file icon Tips for managing oral Q&A examinations

University of Nottingham

Oral presentations

PDF file icon A checklist to help you review your performance against likely marking criteria

University of Nottingham

Poster presentations

PDF file icon Bullet-points on creating, presenting and discussing posters

University of Reading

Preparing for assessment - Studying effectively

Advice on planning presentations, preparing a talk and delivering a talk University of Nottingham, Teaching and learning


Prezi is a cloud-based software for creating and sharing presentations.  It includes online video tutorials and templates.  A free Educational licence version is available using your University email account.


The 4 P's of giving a good presentation 

PDF file icon Tips and strategies on positive thinking, preparation, practice and performance

University of Hull

Studying at University - Studying effectively

Advice for working in groups, including towards presentations

University of Nottingham

Using the 3-5 approach as a study strategy

Moodle resource covering the 3-5 approach and the Writing Triangle and how this can support presentations

University of Nottingham (login required)