Revision and Examinations

The information on this page is designed to complement the support and advice of Academic Schools and Departments. Please follow your department's guidelines and only use the materials offered here to supplement these.




Links to Study Resources for Revision and Examinations
Resource TitleDescription of ResourceSource

University of Nottingham resources


The 3-5 approach

PDF file icon   The 3-5 approach: how to break down assessments and study tasks into manageable chunks

University of Nottingham

Coping with stress

PDF file icon  A 12-step guide to reducing stress levels

University of Nottingham

Exam Anxiety

Advice on anxiety and how this can affect exams and exam preparation

Counselling Service, University of Nottingham

Exam Toolkit

PDF file icon  Advice on having a healthy approach to managing exams, including self-care, five ways to wellbeing, getting ready, and after the exams

Welfare/HealthyU, University of Nottingham 

How do I break tasks down into smaller steps?

Advice for revision including starting early, planning time and identifying schedules, and how to use module information to guide your learning for exams

University of Nottingham 

MCQ examinations - preparation

PDF file icon  What are MCQs, advice on common types of question, and tips on revising for MCQs

University of Nottingham

MCQ examinations - managing the exam

PDF file icon  Tips on reading and answering MCQs and advice on timing and what to do if you get stuck on a question

University of Nottingham

Notetaking in lectures and revision preparation

PDF file icon  Strategies for before, during and after lectures to make notes more effective for revision preparation

University of Nottingham

Oral Exams (Vivas)

PDF file icon Tips for managing oral Q&A examinations, including PhDs

University of Nottingham

Revision and Exams Pack

PDF file icon Covers understanding how you learn, strategies for revising, preparing for types of exams and understanding questions

University of Nottingham

Revision and Exams Workshop

The materials from this practical workshop on exam preparation strategies are available on this site

University of Nottingham

Stress control tips

PDF file icon Advice on what can help manage stress during your studies, especially at exam times

University of Nottingham

Using the 3-5 approach as a study strategy

Moodle resource covering the 3-5 approach and Writing Triangle to support managing revision and exams

University of Nottingham (login required)

Well-being podcasts

Podcasts and text available on UoN Counselling Groups and Workshops; the 'Fight or Flight' response; Mindfulness; Progressive muscle relaxation; and Relaxation breathing

Counselling Service, University of Nottingham


Other resources


Exam Stress

Advice on how to keep exam stress in perspective, get that organised feeling, get into some good habits, avoid bad habits, and get support from family and friends

Student Minds


Free advice on how to form mnemonics/memorable phrases to aid revision and learning 


Memory techniques

Using mnemonics and other memory tools to help develop recall strategies

Mind Tools

Mindfulness for students

Resources and information on mindfulness to help you stay calm and focused 

Mindfulness for Students Network


Click Start > UoNApplications > MindView

or Click Start > All Programs > UoNApplications > Tools and Misc Software > MindView

Both MindView7 and earlier version MindView6 are on the network

MindView allows creation of mind-maps which can aid revision and can also produce flow-charts and timelines to help organisation and time management of the revision period. It fully intregrates to import/export with MS Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Note the availability of video guides in the Options menu or via the  MindView playlist on YouTube.