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Examination Arrangements

Once we have recieved a copy of your evidence, we will arrange for you to have extra time in your exams. If you need anything further (for example, reader or scribe) then you must see one of our Academic Support tutors to discuss this.

What evidence do you need to provide for Specific Learning Differences e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D?

You will need to have a report, in English. From September 2018 intake, we will accept both pre- and post-16 evidence. We will only accept an Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher report or equivalent e.g. Occupational Therapist report, ECH Plan or a report from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. The University will not accept an access arrangement form (Form 8) or a Disabled Students' Allowances Needs Assessment Report as suitable evidence. 

If you have previously had extra time in your exams but you do not have a copy of your evidence...

You will need to  make an appointment with an Academic Support tutor to discuss your options. 

If you think you may be dyslexic but have never had a formal assessment...

Please contact Academic Support.  You can find more about the process by visiting our formal assessment page:  Screening and Formal Assessment for Dyslexia.

Deadlines for providing evidence to put examination arrangements in place

  • The deadline for students to contact Academic Support to discuss adjustments to exams for January 2017 was Friday, 27th October, 2017. This deadline has now passed.
  • The deadline to meet for the Spring Semester May-June exams is Friday, 2nd March, 2018.
  • The deadline for the August exams is Friday, 6th July, 2018.

All requests for adjustments to examination arrangements for Specific Learning Differences (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia) must be supported by current evidence.

To find out more about adjustments to examination arrangements for students with Specific Learning Differences, please visit the Examinations Office website.



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