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Congratulations and a very warm welcome to the Department of Architecture and Built Environment. We are looking forward to meeting you soon. As a new member of this vibrant community you will be taught and supported by leading academics and industry professionals who are committed to inspirational teaching. We hope you have an excellent experience during your degree. If you are unsure about anything in these early weeks do not be afraid to ask questions or seek help from staff.


IT equipment

You will need access to a computer to participate in lessons and complete online learning. Whether you already have a device, or are considering purchasing new IT equipment for your university studies, please check our Equipment Advice page. Please note that for the MacBooks and similar devices are not recommended as running some of our specialist software can be problematical with the Apple operating systems.

You do not need to purchase any software; Microsoft Office is available to download free of charge to all students for the duration of their studies and specialist software is available in our on-campus computer rooms and through a remote desktop connection.

There are computer rooms available on campus and a laptop loan service but both are offered on a first come first served basis. All students (home, EU, and international) who might struggle with financing IT equipment can apply for support via the Hardship Fund.


The following information is for students on courses: MArch Collaborative Practice (ARB/RIBA Part 2) and Level 7 Apprenticeship

MArch Architecture with Collaborative Practice Research and L7 Architect Apprenticeship programmes will undertake initial teaching during welcome week starting on Monday 26 September. A separate detailed teaching schedule will be sent to all students. 

The following information is for students on courses: K100 BArch Architecture, K230 MEng Architecture and Environmental Design, K10I and K10X MArch Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


As part of your induction, your first project will be the ARCHI-TÊTES project which takes place on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September. We will provide you with further information about this project at the beginning of week 1.

The following information is for students on courses: K100 BArch Architecture and K230 MEng Architecture and Environmental Design

For your first studio project you will need to bring the following completed assignment to the first studio day on Monday 3 October:

  • A visual personal statement

    For this first assignment we would like you to reflect both on the personal statement (which you wrote as part of the university application process) and your life as a whole and identify the significant events that have formed who you are as a person and have brought you to this point in your life. These events are not necessarily something that has happened to you externally (such as a trip or getting a job or an academic achievement) but could also be a major internal shift in the way you are as a person

    On eight panels of thin white cardboard (each panel measuring 140x140mm) you are required to visually represent each of these significant events/points (through drawings, collages, painting, sketches - one event per panel). One of the eight panels needs to represent why you chose to study Architecture and another needs to represent the reason you chose to study here. Please add a short phrase at the bottom of the panel to clarify the idea you want to convey in the image. Please also label the back of each panel with your name and order of the panels (panel 1 etc)

    Once you have created all eight panels, please can you create a digital copy of each panel. The aim is for you to present these panels to your tutors and fellow students in person on the first day of studio. However, although it unlikely, we may need to move this exercise online. Therefore it is important that you are able to present each of your eight panels digitally, one panel on the screen at a time, through sharing your screen using Microsoft Teams
  • Examples of art and/or technical drawing

    You will also need to bring two pieces of work that demonstrate your current level of ability in art, graphics or technical drawing. You do not need to create any new work for this but simply bring work that you have already completed. We would like to see these pieces of work to help your tutors ascertain your current skill level. If it is possible for you to do so, please also create digital copies of this work just in case you need to present these online through Microsoft Teams

The following information is for students on Architectural Environment Engineering courses:

K240 BEng Architectural Environment Engineering

K24B BEng Architectural Environment Engineering with industrial placement year

K241 MEng Architectural Environment Engineering

K24A MEng Architectural Environment Engineering with industrial placement year

There are no special requirements, nor is there any need to prepare anything! Just bring yourself and be ready to find out more about your university journey over the next few years! In the introductory meeting we will be letting you know about some of the activities we have planned over the first couple of weeks, so please make sure you look up the meeting location beforehand (details in the welcome week timetable) as we wouldn’t want you to miss anything!

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