Welcome to the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, you are about to join a vibrant, diverse, and supportive community. There is a vast range of groups and activities that you can get involved in during your studies and a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing your student experience.  

A few things you might want to look out for: 


Student Societies  

The Students’ Union is home to over 200 societies, here are few Architecture and Engineering specific societies that you might want to consider joining. 


Tongue and Groove Architecture Society 


T&G Architecture Society logo 

The T&G Architecture Society is a student-led group that holds numerous events focused around Architecture and the Built Environment. We combine a series of lectures and events to provide helpful tools within the profession, with social and welfare events, so that students across the whole department can get to know each other and provide a platform for knowledge exchange. This year we aim to continue the popular online and in-person T-Talks to hear from practising architects, and professionals and discuss issues within the architecture community. We also hope to bring back the Architecture Boat Party and other social events that we have missed out on due to the pandemic. Find out more about the T&G Architecture Society through our social media, or our manifesto.

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Students' Union


Women’s Engineering Society

Women's Engineering Society logo


As a society we aim to:  

Create a community of female engineers across all engineering disciplines and related STEM sectors at the University of Nottingham.  

Promote women in the engineering industry, support women who have already chosen a career in engineering and encourage girls to consider studying engineering at a higher level.  

Organise social and professional settings so that our members have the opportunity to make contacts with their peers and network with industry sponsors.  

Host fantastic careers events throughout the year, working directly with the Engineering department to make sure our members are always the first ones to hear about the latest sponsorships, days out in industry, workshops and career opportunities to ensure that you stand out from the other applicants. 

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Students Union


OPAD Society 

 opad society logo

OPAD (Open-source Assistive Devices) is a student-led engineering group made up of University of Nottingham students, academics, and researchers who volunteer their time to design and manufacture bespoke assistive devices for individuals with physical impairments. Our groups work directly with their clients to provide design solutions which aim to improve their quality of life.

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Students Union




PGES is a society that aims to unite all postgraduate engineering students at the University of Nottingham by creating a sense of belonging and fostering an inclusive community for them and their families. 

PGES will give you the opportunity to connect and socialise with engineering PGs from different divisions outside of the work environment through a variety of events that will be organised. 

We will facilitate involvement in university-wide intra-mural sports and other non-competitive sporting clubs and provide support or refer members to existing resources related to non-academic concerns. 

We will also organise various workshops and training sessions as well as host talks by external speakers.

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Students Union


Student experience initiatives 

There are a number of opportunities available to help build your skills and enhance your experience at university. Have a look at our dedicated website for additional opportunities. 

An initiative that is particularly useful at the start of your course is our peer mentoring scheme.


Peer mentoring

The Faculty of Engineering peer mentoring scheme is here to help you settle into life at the University of Nottingham. Students in year 2 and above act as our mentors, as they are in the best position to offer advice and support, as they have been where you are right now. 

How your peer mentoring programme works 

You have two ways of having a peer mentor. You can sign up here to request a peer mentor and you will be matched with someone before you start in September and they will contact you. The deadline for the expression of interest form to have peer mentor for when you start is Sunday 18th September 2022 at 23.45pm. Or if you want a mentor at another time throughout the year when things may be getting tough, you can email and request for some support and the Peer Mentor Project leader will assign you a mentor. In Welcome Week, other events, and some specific department sessions you will have ample opportunities to interact with our peer mentors even if you did not want to be assigned one. Your peer mentors are always happy to support you in a way that suits your needs. You will also be given admission to a teams site in which all our mentors and mentees will have access to and other online communities we have here at Nottingham to feel part of our mentoring community. 

Why would you want a peer mentor? 

Having a peer mentor is a chance for you to be paired with a student who has completed at least one year of study on a similar course to you. They'll share their experience and give you insight into what lies ahead of you, whether that is tips on how to revise for exams to enjoying different parts of university life or just a friendly face. A peer mentor is someone you turn to when you need advice or just a chat.

"Meeting the peer mentors at the start of term was really helpful. I felt more relaxed and informed about the course and student life." 

- First year student


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