Moodle is a virtual learning environment where you will:

  • access all your teaching and learning resources
  • submit assignments during your studies.


You will be enrolled onto a Moodle page for each module you study, which will contain all the information related to the module.

Community hub

You should also enrol onto the Moodle community hub page for your department, which has information to support your university experience and studies. The community hub includes information on your studies, module guidance, key contacts, assessment information and lots of other useful links and resources.

Don't miss out on the latest updates

Your community hub will be updated with notices and information relevant to your studies as the academic year progresses.

We will send you a weekly news digest with lots of useful information including upcoming events, competitions, careers information, placement opportunities and much more.

We encourage you to take a look at your community hub as soon as possible after you've registered, to ensure you have access to key information straight away.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the page and the information it contains. You may find it helpful to bookmark your community hub for easy access throughout your studies.

Register to use Moodle

You can access Moodle three weeks before your course start date.

First you will need to register with the university. You will be able to access Moodle the next working day after you have registered.


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