This page contains the information you need to decide which subjects and modules you want to study on the Natural Sciences programme and how to select those choices.

Choosing your subjects 

We need to know which subjects you want to study: 

  • so that we can make sure the information showing on your timetable is correct when you arrive  

  • so that we can allocate you to a personal tutor and peer mentor group  

There are two levels of choices that you need to make subjects and modules: 

  • All students need to decide which stream or combination of three subjects you want to study 

  • Some subjects only have compulsory modules in the first year, so you will have no further choices to make for them 

  • Some subjects are divided into specialisms from the first year so you will need to decide which specialism you want to study.

  • Some subjects have optional modules and you will need to decide which optional modules you want to take 

The first year module guide below explains which streams are available and has information about specialisms and optional modules in the individual subjects and how they can impact your later years. It also provides details of each module (compulsory and optional) in each subject. You need to select your stream before you arrive using an online form. The deadline for submitting this form is Friday 3 September

Specialism/module choice will happen during your first week at Nottingham, we will have an event where we explain what you need to do to select these.


Full programme diagram

The modules you study choose in your first year will influence what you can study in each subject in later years. This guide maps the modules and specialisms in each subject for years one, two, three, and four.



Live chat

There will be a live chat on Zoom on 1 September 2021 from 17:00-18:00. Current students will be available online to chat to you about the different subjects and what it is like to study them as well as answer any question you might have. Meeting ID: 979 6810 9027  Passcode: natsci 



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