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RSS feeds

Introduction to RSS

RSS allows you to view news headlines and latest updates to websites. Rather than having to visit a variety of websites to get the most up-to-date information, you can add the RSS feed from the site to a reader and every time the site is updated you will be able to view the new material.

You can directly control when you read your feeds and how long to keep them.

Types of information available as RSS feeds

  • News Headlines eg BBC
  • News from professional organisations eg Royal College of Nursing
  • Journal table of contents eg Nature

Viewing RSS feeds

There are a number of different ways to read the RSS feeds.

  • You can create an account with a web-based RSS reader like Bloglines. (View a demonstration).
  • You can view RSS feeds via a browser such as Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer

    NB: If a service has an RSS feed you will see one of these icons RSS RSS Icon XML Icon

Viewing RSS feeds


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