Studying Effectively
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Variety of approaches

Studying at The University of Nottingham will present new demands on you because it is likely to be different from your previous experience of school or college. You will be expected to organise your own time and manage your own work.  You will also gain greater levels of independence to study what you're most interested in and in a way that suits you. This will be both personally rewarding and also equip you well when it comes to making career choices and seeking employment.

Teaching methods

The teaching on your course might include lectures, seminars, personal tutorials, practical or laboratory classes, or problem-solving classes. Placements are an important part of some course and e-learning and use of online learning environments are increasingly important.

Collaborative working

Group working and the ability to work collaboratively with others are seen as desirable skills and therefore most courses will include elements of group or team working. Adapting and learning how to work effectively with others will be important and you may be assessed on your group skills or as part of a group during your studies. You are also likely to have to work as part of a team during any placements or other work-based learning environments. 

Your lecturers' teaching styles

Your course will be made up of many different modules and these will be taught by lots of different people, each with their own teaching style. Lecturers will often have very specialised and expert knowledge and when they are not teaching they are likely to be carrying out advanced research in these topics. Whilst it may not be practical or appropriate to ask questions when in a large lecture group, tutors and module information will usually make it clear how you can contact tutors and other teaching staff for advice.

Hear from students and staff

Coming to university

"I look back on when I was a student. I worried about, am I going to be thick, do I appear stupid, am I bright enough, am I good enough. I learned very quickly that it is enthusiasm that carries you through a degree ..."



Differences between School and University

"I think that the main difference is that when you come from school or college where you've done 3 or 4 subjects you move into a chemistry department & you're suddenly doing chemistry all day every day for the whole week ..."



Getting the most from your first year

"Can you tell me how you found your first year as a university student?"

"The first year was really overwhelming. First of all it is a really different experience from 6th form ..."



Difference in studying at university

"What did you find the biggest differences between studying at school and college to studying here at university?"

"I'd probably say it's the research you have to do at university as opposed to school .."

Student studying at Nottingham
Studying at Nottingham

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Preparing for assessment

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People who can help

Talk to someone in your school or a specialist support service


Studying Effectively

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