Alumni success stories


As a member of the alumni network you will make connections with our former students who have gone on to build successful careers, many of whom are now leaders in their field and credit the University within that success.

Amy Concannon

University of Nottingham Art History graduate, Amy Concannon is putting her knowledge into practice - looking after a £23m masterpiece.

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Amy Concannon now looks after a £23m masterpiece

Other Nottingham Alumni success

Alexander McLean (Law 2007)

Alex McLean working with prisoners in Africa

At age 19, while studying at The University of Nottingham, Alexander McLean raised money for books and spent his Easter and Summer holidays, working in a youth prison in Sierra Leone.

He then started a farming project and helped in the renovation of cells and the library at a maximum security prison in Uganda.

He has also helped to renovate a 90-bed infirmary at a Kenyan prison and created a 37,000-book library.

His African Prisons Project works to alleviate the suffering of men, women and children who are prisoners in Africa. The biggest areas of concern are neglect, malnutrition, poor healthcare and hygiene, as well as overcrowding.

His tireless works, often carried in out in dangerous circumstances, have won him a string of awards including:

  • University of Nottingham Recent Alumnus of the Year in 2007
  • UK Charity Volunteer of the Year in 2006
  • Beacon Prize Overall Winner 2007 (previous winners include Sir Bob Geldof)
  • Real World National Graduate of the Year 2007

Other accolades include being treasurer and vice-president of the university branch of UNICEF, working as an auxiliary nurse at the Queen’s Medical Centre and officially holding the title of the youngest magistrate in Nottingham. In 2013 Alexander made it in to Time magazine’s list of ‘30 People Under 30 Changing the World’.

Amanda Rose, the British High Commissioner in Nairobi said: “The achievement of Alexander and his colleagues is outstanding and they have had to overcome numerous hurdles to achieve an incredible feat. Their self-sacrifice to better the lives of those less fortunate is highly commendable.”


Dr Anne Weaver (Medicine 1995)

Dr Anne Weaver (Medicine 1995), London Air Ambulance Lead Clinician

As Lead Clinician for the London Air Ambulance, Dr Anne Weaver heads up a service that is on call for 11 million people in the capital. She and her team save lives on a daily basis through their critical intervention at the scene of an incident.

The air ambulance service, which began in 1989, pioneered the concept of trauma trained doctors and paramedics treating critically injured patients at scene and taking them to a hospital that specialises in trauma. Dr Weaver was in charge on the day in July 2005 when suicide bombers attacked four locations in London’s tube and bus network.

Her interest in Medicine was sparked in the sixth form at school when she attended a course at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. She spent her first two years at University in Sherwood Hall and was a regular and championship-winning member of the University canoe polo team.

After leaving, she worked as a House Officer at Derby Royal Infirmary and Nottingham City Hospital, then as a Senior House Officer and A&E Registrar in Liverpool’s hospitals. Dr Weaver said of her time at the University: “I am so grateful for the inspirational training I received at Nottingham. I still think it is the best Medical School in the country and I will always hold it dear to my heart.”


Tim Baillie MBE and Etienne Stott MBE
(both Mechanical Engineering, 2000)

 Tim Baillie MBE and Etienne Stott MBE (both Mechanical Engineering, 2000; Hon LLD, 2013)

The canoeists studied at the University to be near to the National Water Sports Centre and paired up in 2004 to race in the double canoe category.

They experienced highs and lows in their racing careers over the next eight years before reaching the pinnacle of their sport winning a gold medal at
the London Olympics in 2012.  





Yinka Adegbenle (Industrial Economics 2001)

Yinka Adegbenle (based in New York)

My name is Yinka Adegbenle, and I am a proud alumna of The University of Nottingham.

At the open house session for prospective students in 1997, I knew immediately that Nottingham University would be my home for the next three years.

The greenery, beauty of the campus and wealth of resources available to guide students during their tenure at the University solidified my decision to attend Nottingham University.

I enjoyed my time at The Nottingham of University. I was given the opportunity to attend a weekend training program with KPMG, which helped to build my business acumen skills from very early on. Through the University, I was also able to obtain internship at Marsh and McLennan in London in my 2nd year over the summer. I went on to work with Marsh in New York in 2009.

The resources available to students to help them to become successful in their careers is outstanding.I was also privileged to be among the 1st set of students to take classes at the Jubilee Campus.

Developing life long friendships, being equipped with necessary business skills right from very early on during my time at Nottingham University are major contributing factors to why I have been so successful in my career. That's why I'm giving back by volunteering as the New York Alumni Ambassador to the University.


Emma Barnett (History and Politics 2006)

Emma Barnett (History and Politics 2006)

An award winning journalist Emma is the Women’s Editor of the Telegraph and creator of Wonder Women, an irreverent and intelligent fast-paced daily section.

When she’s not writing, Emma will almost certainly be found in a radio studio chatting to anybody and everybody – from Yoko Ono, to the local school teacher. She tackles the biggest stories of the day on her weekly Sunday drive-time show on LBC 97.3, for which she won the ‘Best New Radio Presenter’ gong at the Arqiva awards in 2012. In 2013 Emma also started guest presenting Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 and is the youngest ever host of the programme.

Whether hunting down the founders of Twitter in Silicon Valley for their first UK newspaper interview or grilling Arianna Huffington about the future of news, Emma is at the cutting edge of journalism. She was named ‘Digital Journalist of the Year’ by the Association of Online Publishers in 2011 for her big impact in this field and also won the ‘Digital Writer of the Year’ gong at the Online Media Awards in the same year. She is a regular commentator on women’s issues, media, social affairs, technology, politics and culture for ITV, Channel 4, BBC Three, BBC News, Sky News and CNN.

Only five years after graduating Emma was highlighted by Red Magazine in its annual ’20 under 30 Hot List’ and has been named in the Radio Academy’s prestigious ‘30 under 30’ list for the last two years running, which selects the brightest talent working in British radio aged under 30.


Krupesh Hirani - (Politics and International Relations 2007

Krupesh Hirani - (Politics and International Relations 2007)

Some graduates leave the University’s beautiful campus and take time to find their place in the world. But others seem to hit the ground running achieving greater things with every step they take. Krupesh Hirani’s career has set a fast pace from the off.

In May 2010 he was elected as a councillor to the London Borough of Brent. When he took up the position as Lead Member for Adults and Health on the council’s executive in 2012 he joined the local authority’s Cabinet becoming, at the age of just 26, the youngest Cabinet Member at local government level anywhere in the UK.

In the six years since graduating, Krupesh has gained hands-on experience across the political spectrum, from not-for-profit to private and party political organisations. He has worked with the Labour Party under their Campaign Teams Unit and campaigned for the British Youth Council, where he was given a Youth Achievement Award for his exceptional work in empowering and inspiring young people to play an active part in society by speaking out and getting their voices heard.

Krupesh has also worked under MP Barry Gardiner in the House of Commons and was a member of the Parliament and Government Programme at the Hansard Society.





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