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There are lots of different options of accommodation for you to choose from, so you will always be able to get the room that suits your style, needs and budget!



1. Lots of options


Beeston Hall Room


There are lots of different room choices at Nottingham, like a single, double and studio room. All of the rooms have a bed (obviously), desk, chair and storage for all your stuff, because you will definitely bring too much stuff!

2. Open spaces 


Cripps Outside


The majority of our accommodation is based on our campuses, which means they are set in a lovely, green environment. This means you are always seconds away from getting out of your room and being in an open space. 



3. Libraries on site 


External Beeston


The majority of our accommodation has libraries on site, which is the pillared building. It means that you don't have to walk to the main University libraries, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

4. Make yourself at home 


People in a


Make your room feel like yours! Lots of our students put up polaroid pictures, fairy lights, posters and have rugs around their room to make them feel more like home. 



5. Outside space


Sat on the grass


If the sun comes out there is loads of space for you to work, chill or play outside! Some of our accommodation has outdoor areas for relaxing, studying and maybe even catching a few rays.


6. A place to relax


Vespbar Pool


Most of our accommodation have spaces where you can sit and chill with friends and play games like pool, video games, table football and much more. 


7. Fancy a drink or food?

Echo Bar


We also have some bars in some halls of residence. You can get food and drinks from here.


You can use your meal card in these places if you fancy it as well.

8. Choose where you want to live



If you choose to live on University Park Cmapus, you pick a zone that suits you best, like the sports zone, which is close to our David Ross Sport Village.



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