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Entering the UK

Entering the UK

It's very important to make sure you have the right documents and know what to expect when arriving at a UK airport to begin your course in Nottingham.

Please also refer to our guide to packing for your flight, including what to take in your hand luggage.

For information on what you to do when you arrive in the UK, see our travel and arrival pages.

Arriving at a UK airport

The following advice for how to prepare for arriving in the UK is adapted from guidance provided by Border Force, the UK's border control officials, and UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) specifically for students:

  • Make a note of your UK accommodation details including the address and a telephone number and carry this in your hand luggage. This information will be required when you complete your landing card on arrival in the UK. Alternatively you can provide the main University address and International Office telephone number on your landing card:

    The University of Nottingham
    University Park
    NG7 2RD
    +44 (0)115 951 5247
  • Complete your landing card before you meet the Immigration Officer in the UK (if you are a non-EEA national). Landing cards are usually handed out on the aircraft before you arrive in the UK.
  • Have your passport ready and remove it from any protective wallet before you present it to an Immigration Officer. You should also take off your sunglasses or hat if you are wearing any.
  • Keep a printed copy of your Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) in your hand luggage. If you don't have a CAS, please bring details of your course of study (e.g. an offer letter). This must be in paper copy or print-out (not an electronic copy on your tablet or phone).
  • Keep any recent bank statements, medical documentation (if applicable) and details of where you are staying in your hand luggage, as Border Force may ask to see this information.
  • Expect Border Force officers to ask simple questions about your stay in the UK when you arrive at passport control.
  • Never give false or misleading information - including forged or counterfeit documents - to an Immigration Officer.
  • If you will be arriving to start your course in September you may find there are dedicated student lanes at some UK airports so watch out for these when you arrive.

Import restrictions

  • Do not bring in any meat or dairy products from outside the European Union (EU). There are restrictions on traditional medicines, food products such as fish, eggs and honey, and some fruit, vegetables and plants (including bulbs, seeds, cut flowers and tree bark).
  • Do not bring in endangered plants or animals – this includes ivory, skins, hides and shells and any products made from them.
  • Check the restrictions on the amount of goods you can bring in the UK such as tobacco, alcohol and gifts. If you exceed your allowances all of your goods can be taken away from you.
  • Never bring in counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, firearms (including realistic imitations), offensive weapons (including knives) or indecent or obscene material.
  • You must declare any sums of cash of 10,000 Euros or more (or the equivalent in another currency) if you are travelling from a country outside the European Union.

If you would like further information on any of the above please check the  UK Visa and Immigration website.

Airport eGates

Nationals of the following countries may be directed to use electronic passport gates (eGates) on arrival in the UK:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • USA

If you enter the UK through an eGate, you will not receive a stamp in your passport. This stamp shows your date of entry into the UK, so it is required for registration at the University. Please make sure you see a border official instead. UKVI had advised that it is your right to request this.

It is not compulsory to use eGates and we recommend that students from the countries listed above do not use them. If you are not able to see a border official and do not obtain a stamp, you will need to present evidence of your arrival date when you register with the University, such as your boarding pass.

Transport connections to Nottingham

Nottingham has excellent train and bus links with major cities and airport locations including London, Birmingham and Manchester, as well as East Midlands Airport.

Find out more about travel to Nottingham

Late arrival

See our guidance on late arrival for important information about arriving late for your course. You must arrive before the final registration deadline and must not travel to the UK if you will be unable to do so.

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