Bank accounts


It is advisable for new international and EU students to open a bank account in the UK. A bank account provides you with a safe place to keep your money and gives you easy access to that money when you need it.

Which bank?

There are lots of different banks and accounts to choose from and we recommend that you look into the various options to see which is best for you.

Santander has a branch on our University Park Campus. There are also plenty of banks in the areas surrounding the University. Banks provide you with a debit card and online banking services, so you may not need to visit your bank in person very often. Cash machines (ATMs) are widely available at banks and shops and will accept cards issued by any UK bank.

Opening a bank account

To open a bank account you will need a special university bank letter. If you take part in our Welcome Programme you will be guided on how to complete the process at that time.

To get this letter at any other time you need to complete an application form online via the Student Services Centre. The letter will then be prepared for you to collect a few days later.



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