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When you arrive in the UK to study with us, you should open a UK bank account for managing your money.

Banks in the UK

  • There are a variety of banks operating in the UK, most of them offering special accounts for students.
  • There is a bank in the Portland Building on our University Park Campus, as well as other banks in the local area and Nottingham city cenetre.
  • Banks provide you with a debit card and online banking services, so you may not need to visit your bank in person very often after opening an account.
  • Cash machines (ATMs) can be found on our campuses, at banks, supermarkets, shopping centres and in many places in the city centre.
  • ATMs will accept cards from any UK bank and are usually free to use for cash withdrawals. If you are withdrawing from an overseas account or from a credit card, you may get an extra charge for this.

Banking and Finance

For further information on banking in the UK, please see the  British Bankers' Association guide for international students.


Opening a bank account

  • Banks require proof of your student status to open a student account, which usually means (depending on the bank's policy) that you must complete university registration before you can open an account. Make sure you bring enough money with you when coming to the UK to cover your expenses until then.
  • You will have an opportunity to open an account with selected banks during the International Welcome Programme or the first week of term in September when bank staff will be on campus to guide you and Student Services can confirm your student details.
  • At other times of year, or if you wish to use a different bank, you can contact the bank directly to make an appointment or an online application for an account.
  • Student Services can produce a letter for banks confirming your student details. Please make sure all your details are up to date in your portal and then use our online form to request this letter.
  • Prepare any other documents required by your bank, such as photo ID (ideally your passport), your student visa or BRP (if you have one), and proof of address. Most banks will accept our bank letters as proof of address as well as student status.

Further information

Managing your money – our guide for international students Further guidance and support on money matters

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