A full list of tuition fees by study level can be found on our student fees and finance website. Please check the year of study to ensure you have the correct information.


Once you have accepted your offer to study at Nottingham, you will be able to access the online payment section of your student or applicant portal. Here, you can pay your tuition fees by bank transfer or credit /debit card.

For more information on various ways of paying your fees please refer to the finance website.

If you are applying for a Tier 4 visa, tuition fee payments should be included on your CAS. If you make a payment after receiving your CAS, you will receive an automated email to confirm that your CAS has been updated with fee payments and we advise you to wait for this confirmation before applying for your Tier 4 visa application. Full details about the visa process and advice regarding making payments for both tuition fees and accommodation fees are given in our guidances notes on applying for your visa overseas.


Managing your money


Studying abroad as an international student involves a lot of costs. Find out more about managing your money.

Sponsored students

Information for sponsored students

If you have an official sponsor such as an overseas government, business, charity or trust, you must submit (by email or post) your official sponsorship letter to the International Office's Sponsorship Team prior to, or at, registration so that we can issue tuition fee invoices to your sponsor.

The sponsorship letter must confirm that your sponsor agrees to pay your University of Nottingham tuition fees for the full duration of your academic programme. If your sponsor issues revised sponsorship letters on an annual basis, it is your responsibility to ensure that updated letters are submitted prior to the start of each academic year.

Contact our Sponsorship Team to provide your sponsor letter on: sponsorship-assistant@nottingham.ac.uk


Paid work


Many students choose to work part-time during their studies. Find out about paid work and regulations on  working in the UK.

Visiting/exchange students

For visiting/exchange students who are spending one or two semesters at Nottingham, whether or not you pay fees – and how much – will depend on the programme you are taking part in. Please see  exchanges, study abroad and summer schools  for details.   



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