General living costs


The University of Nottingham recommend that a single student will need a minimum of £1,015 per month to cover basic living expenses. This figure is based on the Tier 4 immigration rules. The amount you actually spend will depend upon:

  • where you live
  • your personal lifestyle

If you are bringing your family (husband/wife and or children) with you to the UK your living expenses are likely to be significantly more than this.


It is very important that you manage your money properly while at university. In order to do this you must understand how much money you have/will have during an academic year and what your expenses will be for that year. Not all expenses have the same priority and you should make a list of your expenses to identify how much you spend on priorities and non-priorities. Obvious priorities include things like accommodation, food and tuition fees. Once you have identified your expenses you should draw up a budget, allocating a certain amount of money against specific items. This should help you to manage your money and to cut out unnecessary expenses. You should review your budget on a regular basis.

The International Student Calculator aims to help students prepare for the financial side of UK higher education. This website provides international students with:

  • a general, interactive guide to living costs
  • useful information and student profiles

The Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union also provides useful advice on budgeting. 

Remember it is almost impossible to find financial support after you have arrived in the UK. Unless you have a written promise of a scholarship or bursary before you arrive, you cannot depend on it. Make sure you have enough money from other sources.  


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