Our 2011 Scholarship Students



As a mark of commitment to internationalising our community of students, and to encourage diversity, The University of Nottingham offers a comprehensive and expanding range of scholarships.

Scholarship Students 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our scholarship winners and we'd like to introduce you to some of our 2011 scholarship students below.

Brian Jared Wamubeyi from Kenya
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Geographical Information Science
“I chose to study at The University of Nottingham because it is highly ranked globally and the one year is economical. The scholarship has helped me to cut down my expense on tuition fees, which I did not have in full, and given me the chance to follow my career dream in GIS; it has also given me a chance to experience an education in an international setting. I am getting used to studying independently and striving to beat the strict deadlines that come with penalties if not honoured. My advice to students coming to Nottingham is to seek as much information and guidance as possible from continuing home students. I would also encourage them to find the cheapest accommodation around and buy food, clothing, etc. from the cheapest and most affordable stores in order to avoid financial stress. Try and settle in as fast as possible, be in time to catch up with this new system of education, and also read and understand all relevant literature and manuals. Meeting fellow home students around campus would be the best idea since they are the best models for them, but they should also take this opportunity seriously to share what they know with students from various cultural and social backgrounds, as well as learn from those students, as they strive to become international professionals!”


Peter Poku Badu from Ghana
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Environmental Management
“I chose to study at Nottingham because I have a very strong interest in the environment, particularly on climate change and land quality issues, and I couldn't find any school that compares to Nottingham, based on the structure set up to teach these courses. I would never have been able to pursue my dream course without this scholarship since there was no way my family could have raised the full cost of tuition and maintenance for studying here. The course is very challenging and demanding in terms of time and quality and is guiding me to do a lot more critical thinking to meet the high standards for the course.”
“Either Nottingham or no other school."


Joseph Egbenya Igetei from Nigeria
International Research Excellence Scholarship
PhD Microbiology (Parasite Biology and Immunogenetics)
"I chose to study at The University of Nottingham as it ranks highly among the best universities in the world. Studying at Nottingham affords me the rare opportunity to work with some of the best researchers in the world and to carry out research in well equipped laboratories with state of the art facilities. I have the privilege of interacting with fellow young researchers and students from various parts of the world, since it is a school that attracts international students, and it will expose me to potential international collaborators. Without the scholarship my fees would have been very difficult for me to afford as an international student and it has also motivated me to work hard in my studies and research. I am enjoying my studies in many ways with good facilities and equipment to carry out research. My supervisor, fellow students, researchers and staff at Nottingham are very supportive, caring, understanding and friendly and I have the opportunity to participate in local and international conferences, seminars, and training, which has enhanced my potential. Nottingham is a very good choice to make. For many years it has retained its status as one of the best Universities in the world; it is friendly to international students and creates equal opportunities for all to study.”


Oksana Kovalenko from Kyrgyzstan
Commonwealth of Independent States Scholarship
MSc Management
“The Nottingham University Business School satisfies my interests in all aspects and that was the primary reason I chose to study here. The Business School is a member of EQUIS and listed in the top ten UK business schools. Future career opportunities are extremely important to me and the fact that University’s Postgraduate Careers Services places 3rd in the UK for career placement success attracted me a lot. The scholarship opportunity was a valuable source of support which gave me a great opportunity to continue my education. Nottingham is a picturesque place with amazing nature and the University offers the whole range of support for students in terms of library IT facilities, career services, International Office and friendly staff.”
“Take every chance and opportunity!!!”


Mahmoud Shatat from Palestine
University of Nottingham/IDB Scholarship
PhD Sustainable Energy Technology
“I chose Nottingham because it is an international university and has an outstanding reputation for world-class teaching and research. It has recently been classified as one of the top 75 universities over the world. With relevance to my research in the field of new and renewable energy, it has a Sustainable Energy Institute which is considered to be one of the top research centres in the UK. I am currently researching solar-powered water desalination in the Faculty of Engineering and I would say that without the joint financial support I received from the Islamic Development Bank and the University of Nottingham I would not have been able to achieve my goal of pursuing my PhD. I find Nottingham an inspiring environment for study. It has international diversity with excellent study-orientated facilities, including modern well-equipped lecture theatres, excellent IT facilities and expanded multi-media based libraries with thousands of books, journals, and online resources. Nottingham is also an exciting city in which to study and to live. Its attractions include a wonderful city centre, the Capital FM Arena, good shopping facilities, theatres, cafes, markets and football grounds. I strongly recommend students to come to Nottingham and discover a wonderful university life. They will find what they are looking for.”


Juan David Garces Bedoya from Colombia
Latin America Masters Scholarship and
University of Nottingham/COLFUTURO Scholarship
MSc Advanced Computing Science
“I chose to study at Nottingham because the university has high recognition for its research and quality of education. The scholarship was a major award that allowed me to continue my vocation objectives in the field of computer science, while being a significant source of funding and a recognition that encourages me to keep improving my skills. The university has given me the tools and support that I need to achieve my goals and progress in my career without difficulties. My advice to other international students about settling into university life at Nottingham is that university life may be tough at the beginning but as you start to take part in societies and groups of people that share your values, you will be encouraged to learn about university life in Nottingham and familiarize with the culture and activities so that your studies flow smoothly.”


David Collins Owuor from Kenya
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
MSc Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics
“I chose to study at The University of Nottingham because it is ranked among the top 100 Universities world-wide and among the top 10 Science and Research institutions in the United Kingdom. A scholarship was the only way I could get to study in such a prestigious institution and this scholarship is fully funding my one year of study thanks to DFID and The University of Nottingham. I have gained so much in such a short time and I am enjoying my lectures by top scientists in the world. I would not mind three more years of a PhD! My advice to other international students about settling into University life at Nottingham – other than being the best place to study for any international student, the University of Nottingham will be your other home away from home.”


Olubukola Oluyombo from Nigeria
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Molecular Medical Microbiology
“I chose to study here because The University of Nottingham is ranked among the top 10 in the UK, offering cutting edge research oriented learning. The University can truly be called international, with an appreciable percentage of international students, coupled with campuses in China and Malaysia. The Developing Solutions Scholarship was the missing link between my now and my future. Without it, it would have been impossible to venture into studying in the UK, let alone a high ranking institution such as this. Shouldering 50% of my tuition was such a great relief. It gave me the ease of bearing the rest and the zeal of pursuing my course with a great determination, counting myself so privileged. Studying at The University of Nottingham is full of challenges and fun too! Learning resources are available and everyone is eager to help. I've learnt that no question goes unanswered except only if it is not asked!! For international students about to set into University life at Nottingham I say this is the right place to be. Potentials are nurtured to maturity and fruition here and training is with foresight, we are equipped not just for now but also for the future.”


Isaac Amankwaa from Ghana
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Advanced Nursing
“Coming from a country that is still struggling to develop its health care delivery system, I always looked forward to a university that could provide the environment necessary for developing new knowledge in nursing care. Classified as leaders in teaching and research and consistently ranked in the top 10 UK university league tables, I knew The University of Nottingham could best meet my needs as an adult learner. Fortunately I have not regretted my decision. I have had the unique opportunity to receive student-centred teaching from highly committed and flexible faculty members. The 100% Developing Solutions Scholarship I received has been quite helpful. I have had time to concentrate on my academic work instead of worrying about pressures of work. I plan to give back to society by developing new strategies of supervising nursing students in Ghana. My study so far had been challenging as an international student. Knowledge acquisition in the UK is a bit different from Ghana. Fortunately library resources and access to a personal tutor and nursing databases have taken a lot of the burden. My advice to international students is to take the opportunity to apply to the University of Nottingham. Also, for those wishing to study at the School of Nursing, determine in advance which area in your practice you want to develop in advance; it will make the course easier.”


Muhyiddine Jradi from Lebanon
Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence
PhD Energy and Sustainability Studies
“As Casey Kasem said: ‘Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.’ That’s why I had a tremendous determination to pursue my PhD studies at The University of Nottingham. I believe that there is no achievement or any success without hard work, devotion and faithfulness. The University of Nottingham is one of the leading universities in the UK, and all around the world, with a well-established reputation in the field of renewable energy and sustainability studies, with qualified instructors and professors, a variety of high quality publications and manuscripts, modern buildings with high technology facilities and research centres. The presence of The Institute of Building Technology and The Institute of Sustainable Energy Technology provides an excellent and extensive research space in the field of renewable energy and energy sustainability. That’s why I have chosen to complete my PhD studies at the University of Nottingham. The Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence has helped me to secure the needed funding with living expenses and thus proceeding forward to achieve my goal with great satisfaction and self-confidence. The atmosphere here in Nottingham city is great, as well as in The University of Nottingham, with nice colleagues and helpful professors and staff. One thing I can say for every international student thinking of completing PhD studies – The University of Nottingham is just here ... what are you waiting for?”


Yawen Liu from China
Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence
PhD Civil Engineering
"I choose to study here because the Faculty of Engineering’s research has been recognized as being world-leading or internationally excellent, placing it in the UK’s top five universities for engineering. It is really a great chance to study here for those who want to be an engineer like me. It is the scholarship that makes my dream come true. Now I can concentrate on my research without worrying about the fees. I really enjoy the wonderful time with my supervisors and fellow students, who have taught me a lot. The lively atmosphere gives me more passion and motivation when doing my research. When I walk along the picturesque campus, I always feel proud to be one of the students in The University of Nottingham. Nottingham is also a member of Universitas 21, a group of elite international research universities, which offers access to superb educational resources to students from home and abroad each year. So why not join us?"


Georgina Nakafero from Uganda
International Research Excellence Scholarship
PhD Epidemiology and Public Health
"I did a Masters in Public Health at The University of Nottingham and I greatly enjoyed my time. I couldn’t let go of the experienced lecturers, friendly environment, resourceful libraries and a lot more I had enjoyed during the one year of the masters degree. Considering my background, I wouldn’t have even dreamt of funding myself. All I am enjoying at the moment, fulfilling a dream of being an expert in public health, is because of the research scholarship that has paid my full tuition fees. I have all the necessary resources a PhD student needs. To mention but a few, I am in an office with a desk and computer allocated to me, fabulous supervisors, useful courses and conferences lined up for me to attend (and I have already attended a couple of them). The best advice I can give every prospective University of Nottingham student is not to worry, a lot of people are around to help. One only needs to be focused, and to always look out for help in case of any need that may not have been taken care of."


Crecious Mutinta Muleya from Zambia
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Midwifery

“Having read online that The University of Nottingham was among the best universities not only in the UK but in the world, I thought it would be good to study at such a university. Within the Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy there are some professors who have written midwifery books which are being used in Zambia and my dream was to be at this University one day. The Developing Solutions Scholarship which covers my tuition fees was a bridge for me to be at The University of Nottingham because without it I would not have been able to take this course. Challenging as it may be, I am enjoying my course and have learnt so much this far. This is because of the commitment from the lecturers who are always ready to tutor you according to your needs and the availability of learning resources enhances learning. A PhD is the next step forward. For an international student planning to study at The University of Nottingham you will not be lost because The University of Nottingham is the home of international students with the International Office always making you feel at home.”


Daya Shankar Pandey from India
Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence
PhD Mechanical Engineering
“I chose The University of Nottingham because it is ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK and one of the top 75 in the world. The University of Nottingham, being an esteemed seat of learning and a place where talent is given due recognition, has always been one of my preferred choices in pursuing my doctoral research. The Engine Research Group at The University of Nottingham is one of the renowned groups in the field of internal combustion engines. I am interested in making a long term career in Academia and R&D focused on interdisciplinary nature, and with the help of the Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence I shall make every endeavour to develop innovative solutions in the field of combustion research. I would strongly recommend every prospective international student to join The University of Nottingham and shape their future.”


Edith Angelica Rodriguez from Colombia
Latin America Masters Scholarship and
University of Nottingham/COLFUTURO Scholarship 
MSc Applied Biomolecular Technology
"The University of Nottingham is a well known university for research and development. When I came to know about the Masters program in Applied Biomolecular Technology and the research in Bioenergy that the university develop, I became very much interested to study my Masters at The University of Nottingham rather than from other Universities. The Scholarship helped me to reduce the costs of my Masters and because of that I could come to study in Nottingham. I believe the Master degree offered by the University is the best course for my career and it is of the top quality considering the amount of research done and teaching excellence. My advice to future students is try to be involved in the research groups which you are interested in from the start of the Masters and it will help you to take the best advantage of your time in Nottingham."


Esther Abena Adama from Ghana
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
MSc Advanced Nursing
“As a practising nurse in Ghana I realised that advancing nursing practice will help to improve the quality of health care provision in order to meet the health related millennium development goals. I joined this course so that I can advance my nursing practise by attaining the necessary skills, competence and leadership skills to help make a positive impact on colleague nurses, the health system and the clients/patients we serve. To achieve this I searched for advanced nursing studies and a lot of schools in the UK came up but I choose Nottingham because of the quality of studies and research that it is associated with, and the experts in the field. How could I have paid my fees and living expenses? How could my dream of studying MSc Advanced Nursing come true? How could I have been able to change nursing practice in my country? In fact this scholarship has given me this opportunity and I am on my way to achieving my dreams and aspirations of improving nursing care in my country. So far I have enjoyed the support of staff members in the School of Nursing, the University's support services are ever ready to render help as and when one needs it. They have made my stay in Nottingham home away from home. As an international student I can't expect more than I am receiving from The University of Nottingham. Nottingham has a welcoming international atmosphere. Where are you coming from? Mention it, and there is a companion here in Nottingham. The research, teaching and non-teaching staff are wonderful. There are state of the art facilities to facilitate teaching, learning and research. If you are an international student considering studies abroad, Nottingham is your ultimate choice. Also I would advise all future international postgraduate taught nursing students to be certain with what they want to do before they set of from their country. Knowing what you want to do and contacting the faculty member who has specialized in that area is a plus to a successful study.”


Najabat Ali Khan from Pakistan
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Computer Science and Entrepreneurship
“Choosing the right university for the final degree is in fact one of the hardest decisions one has to take during his life. But it becomes even more complex when a person has some professional experience in a particular field and wants to explore the wide horizons of the field. Being an Information technology professional I wanted to get into a university that could provide me with a very rich mix of emerging IT technologies and at the same time enjoying an excellent reputation in the academia and industry. I was fortunate enough to sort it out by finding The University of Nottingham as my destination to achieve my future targets. One of the top 75 universities around the globe, a member of the Russell Group, Universitas 21 and Sutton Trust are a few of the many feathers in Nottingham’s cap. I chose the course of MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship not only because it is unique but really valued in software industry. In the current era of credit crunch when it becomes really hard for a student or his parents to bear the financial cost associated with higher education, scholarships can play a vital role to eliminate the risk of money as a barrier to education for brilliant minds. I had a long cherished desire to pursue my Masters degree from one the first-rate universities in the world. I was in fact a bit anxious on how to turn my dreams into reality, where I do have an excellent academic background but financial niche hinders me from moving forward. The Developing Solutions master program really provided me the perfect opportunity to fulfil my aspirations. Being a part of the ‘world’s greenest campus’ university is undoubtedly one of the most precious assets for any student studying at Nottingham. In addition the learning environment here in Nottingham is absolutely world class. Most of the subjects are taught by one of the experts in their respective fields. Therefore learning is always fun here in Nottingham. I am really enjoying my learning experience here in Nottingham. Nottingham is truly an international university with a very rich culture of different nationalities among its student body. I firmly believe that this is one of the best parts of different values exploration for international student life here in Nottingham. I would suggest that international students can best utilize their time by making their social interaction during the International student week that in fact helps them in the long run during their stay in the University. Furthermore sports societies are very vibrant and productive here, therefore joining one of your favourite sports not only makes you healthy but an active part of the student body here in Nottingham.”


Poshmaal Dhar from India
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Microbiology and Immunology
“I have zeal to engage myself in the study of human diseases – causes and effect. It is for this purpose I wanted to study the microbial agents of infection and I took up my postgraduate degree in Microbiology and Immunology. The University of Nottingham provided me the opportunity to study the course of my choice. The research students at the University have pioneered in their areas of specializations and have contributed to society through innovative discoveries of new techniques and understandings and this attracted me towards it. It was possible for me to be a part of this globally high ranked university because of the Developing Solutions Scholarship scheme. It provides students like me the opportunity to come to the UK and experience the world challenging and globally competitive study atmosphere that the University has to offer. Being a part of the well fabricated curriculum of the course, I am sure that the rich learning experience at The University of Nottingham will play a fundamental role in the shaping of my career and will help me make the most of my study tenure by working with experienced faculty, state of the art infrastructure and facilities. My advice to the international students coming to the University would be that it’s an important journey in your life and one should work hard to achieve what they have come here to do. The best part about being in this university is that you are respected as a student and all your queries and suggestions are addressed and taken into consideration. In short you are well taken care of. It is the overall development of the student that the university caters to as along with education the students can participate in a myriad of extracurricular activities as well and emerge as well groomed individuals.”


Kingsley Ileogben from Nigeria
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Geotechnical Engineering
“My road to Nottingham started a long time ago as a teenage kid who found his inherent interest in studying not just to pass exams but to develop his mind. My choice of The University of Nottingham was based on its rating as well as the calibre of qualified experts it possess in various fields of study. Nottingham has a very good rating which is on the increase among UK and world universities, and is renowned for its commitment to both academic excellence and the use of academic knowledge and skills to find lasting practical solutions to problems. For me the Developing Solutions Scholarship was a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. It made a desire that was an illusion a reality. It erased the notion which most international students from my continent have in respect of getting a scholarship in the UK and I will always be grateful for the support from the scholarship office. Nottingham has more than enough to offer any prospective student. Thoughts of regret about coming to Nottingham have never crossed my mind since I started my studies here. In fact I was blown away when I started my studies; it took a while for me to adjust. I believe Nottingham has all the facilities to support any serious minded student that has a desire to develop him/herself personally and professionally and Nottingham also has strong links with Industry. Employers have high regard for Nottingham graduates. For prospective International students Nottingham is another home away from home. You can’t be lost in the crowd here. You will definitely meet your fellow countrymen as well as students from other countries. You have great opportunities to make new friends and create lasting relationships. The staff and home students are friendly and courteous. The lecturers/tutors can be approached for clarification any time. For me Nottingham is a global University. I would say ‘your search for a great University ends when you find Nottingham’. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s slogan has always been a motivation to me ‘Make the most of yourself because that is all there is of you’. All these thoughts stream across my mind now as a precious memory as I sit in Hallward Library at The University of Nottingham doing the same thing I have always loved to do as a teenager, reading. Looking back at those days and the environment I started with, and now looking around at where am studying, I am tempted to say I am in Heaven. With state of the art facilities and surrounded by individuals with similar passions, I am short of words to continue. All this was made possible by the opportunity of the Developing Solutions Scholarship.”


Miss Rasha Saeed from Syria
University of Nottingham/Karim Rida Said Foundation Scholarship
MSc Electrical Technology for Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems 
“I chose The University of Nottingham as it is among the top universities in the UK and the world, also I could pick my course from a rich list of courses of all modern majors and specializations. The Karim Rida Said Foundation Scholarship has given me the opportunity to study a very important course in one of the best Universities within the UK, a course which is still under development in my country. Within my new academic year I started not only student life within the university but also all kinds of activities within the student union, sports, travel and cultures… I advise all the international students to learn and search as much as they can about the new city and the University facilities, thus they will have a very good idea about the new life so they can be involved in many activities and have the chance to meet people of various nationalities.”


Obianuju Obijulu Onyia from Nigeria
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Applied Biomolecular Technology
“I chose the University of Nottingham because it ranks highly among the Universities in the world and is among the few best schools that provide exquisite knowledge in Applied Biomolecular Technology. Also the University has won a reputation as one of the universities with a very large scholarship portfolio. Pursuing my career in Applied Biotechnology would not have been possible if not for the scholarship because I would not have been able to meet with the costs. My year as a student in the University has improved my reasoning strength and positively exposed me to the world of research and development. The facilities and new technologies provided by the school have really improved me both academically and socially. I had a lot of privileges to attend several seminars where I’ve met a lot of well-known and reputable researchers. The environment is friendly and the cost of living is very much affordable. What can I say? ‘It’s best experienced than told’.”


Jyothika Kumar from India
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Translational Neuroimaging
“The whole idea of a translational, bench-to-bedside approach to Neuroimaging research is what motivated me to pick this course at The University of Nottingham. I firmly believe that research targeted towards patient benefit is something very important in any healthcare sector, especially in Neuroimaging and this is the main focus of the research undertaken by my department. In my country translational research in brain imaging is still a very new and developing field and I believe that studying this degree here at Nottingham will certainly help me contribute to this development back home. Without the Developing Solutions Scholarship, coming to Nottingham to study would not have been possible and I want to thank the International Office and all the sponsors for introducing a scheme that enables so many International students like me to study at such a prestigious institution. Deciding to study Neuroimaging at Nottingham has certainly been one of the best decisions I have ever made and six months into the course I am positive that everything I learn during this degree will be prove to be an important stepping stone towards achieving my goals. In terms of settling in, Nottingham is very multicultural and there are activities to suit different interests. Also, although study and exam patterns may be different here compared to our home countries, the lecturers are very helpful and it doesn't take too long to adjust.”

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