Our 2012 Scholarship Students


As a mark of commitment to internationalising our community of students, and to encourage diversity, The University of Nottingham offers a comprehensive and expanding range of scholarships.

You can also meet some of our 2011 scholarship winners.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our scholarship winners and we'd like to introduce you to some of our 2012 scholarship students below.

Dr Frederick Haraka from Tanzania
Developing Solutions Scholarship 
MSc Applied Epidemiology
"I chose to study to Nottingham because this University has an outstanding reputation and record in transferring practical knowledge to students. The University of Nottingham has one of the best Schools of Epidemiology not only in the UK but also worldwide. This scholarship marked the beginning of a great future ahead. Epidemiology was what I really wanted to advance my research career and with this scholarship I was able to convince my institute to cover the rest of the costs. Had it been without this scholarship I wouldn’t be here. Coming to this University has been one of the best decisions in my life. The teachings I get are so relevant and very practical to my career. Being at The University of Nottingham is being at a world class academic institution."


Eric Tetteh Boye Lomotey from America
USA Masters Scholarship
Doctorate in Forensic Psychology
"I chose to study at Nottingham because I believe the University best fits my idea of a higher education institution, with lecturers who are driven to teach based on the passion they possess for their respective fields. Within my program I have had the pleasure of being lectured by individuals from different aspects of the psychological field from those who work within a range of low to high secure forensic settings, including forensic and clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Each lecturer has thus far brought their own experiences into the classroom along with the information being conveyed, in order to make the learning experience as interactive as possible. This is a characteristic I have noticed from professors not only within my smaller lectures of about 14 students, but also within the large ones consisting of a minimum of 100 students. Without obtaining the USA Masters scholarship I would not have had the opportunity to experience the phenomenal teaching delivered by lecturers at the University without a serious financial constraint placed upon my family. To other international students considering Nottingham, rest assured that the faculty and welcoming atmosphere make easier the transition so that the University can one day feel like a home away from home."


Toru Fujii from Japan
Japan Masters Scholarship
MA International Relations
"I chose to study at The University of Nottingham because of its high international reputation, competent faculty and students who come to the University from all over the world, including England. I currently study International Relations to see the world through a lens of national movement in addition to a perspective of International Law which I used to study. The scholarship does not cover full amount of tuition fee but it has enabled me to focus on my study during the year without financial anxiety to some extent. At postgraduate level concentrating on study and getting good marks is quite important to broaden students’ future paths. To get satisfactory marks I have studied modules with friends before and after classes every week to try and understand contents of the classes, because modules are generally challenging for me as a student from a different academic system and sphere. Based on my experience it would be a good idea for new students settling into university life at Nottingham to make friends, join societies and clubs for example, and talk about any problems with your tutors. At the beginning of the course most of international students can struggle with a new environment and discussing the problem you may face will help you to release your stress."


Dr Ruby D Mcharo from Tanzania
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
Masters in Public Health-International Health
"I chose The University of Nottingham because it is one of the world’s great universities committed to providing true international education and offering a range of scholarships to African students and it is highly research based with a vibrant reputation. The Commonwealth Shared scholarship has been a stepping stone to achieving my International Public Health career goals, a dream come true as I could not afford the expenses for this course. With the knowledge on international public health practices offered on this course I believe I will be in a better position to bring positive change in my community, by brainstorming questions for research, collecting proper data and implementing relevant solutions through health education and formulation of proper health policies that meet its needs. The University of Nottingham has a very supportive and conducive environment to study; the departmental and administrative staff are always around and happy to help, and there are lots of resources for learning. With international students around one third of the total student population, you can never be a stranger! Nottingham city is a perfect place to live as a student, with affordable costs and wide a variety of shops to shop from and entertainment to party at. I would not think twice to advise any international student to join The University of Nottingham and experience its hospitality and academic excellence."


Seth Appiah Amanfo from Ghana
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
MSc Microbiology and Immunology
"With an interest in host-pathogen interaction at the molecular level and its implication in infectious disease, the MSc in Microbiology and Immunology presented a good opportunity for me to acquire scientific knowledge and transferable skills in this field of biomedical science. The reputable domestic and international reputation of the School as well as the portfolio of scholarship for international students also influenced my decision to opt to have my postgraduate education at Nottingham. The demand of the course and the quest to achieve success make the scholarship award very special. I have the opportunity to fully concentrate on my academics and to give my best. The University has both academic and non academic staff who are so dedicated to their work and continue to inspire people to maximise their potential. The excellent learning environment and resources available at my disposal make it exciting to take every challenge of academic life and to succeed. The university has a strong students’ union which presents students welfare to the forefront. Being a student is not all about academic life. I have therefore taken the opportunity to explore the social, cultural and historic aspects of the city of Nottingham and the UK in general. Through the international family link I have an excellent British host who has welcomed me as a member of their family. I am greatly enjoying my time as a student of this great institution. As an international student, it was a big challenge deciding to leave family and friends to further my education outside the shores of my country. However, from my current stand point I strongly believe it was worth taking the risk to be in Nottingham. I will therefore encourage other like minded international students to follow my example and chose The University of Nottingham as their destination for further studies. Both the University and the city of Nottingham will warmly welcome you and ensure your time here will be memorable both in the field of academics and what the city has to offer."


Dr Rukhsana Rehman from Pakistan
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MMed.Sci Assisted Reproductive Technology
"I ever believed that intention is a quality of consciousness that would bring me to my achievement one day and The University of Nottingham, a hub of international expertise, nurturing and developing new generations of highly skilled young learners from all over the world, honoured me the opportunity to be a part of its learning community by financially supporting my studies, that would never have been cost effective for me to study such an advance course in top 100 university of the world. Being here enabled me to acknowledge the importance of higher education in research perspective and innovation of high-quality professional training in Assisted Reproductive Technology, as being an urgent need of my community and country. Assisted Reproductive Technology is not only art of baby making for infertile couples rather it brings hope to all those suffering from the pain of not having a child. Moreover living among a multicultural, civilized and cheering community, and engaging, devoted university staff, keeps me engaged and boosted to develop my potential, intellectual capabilities and communication skills to be a civilized human in myself. For excelling students, cut not the wings of your dreams, if you want to make them come true, the first step is to assign your destination, limitations are understandable but trust yourself and explore the world of opportunities."


Shan Gao from China
China Scholarship Council Research Excellence Scholarship
PhD Inorganic Chemistry
"The University of Nottingham is a world renowned academic center and students receive an excellent education there. As a Chinese student I am eager to experience a completely different educational system in Europe, which will be very helpful to my future studies and career and will certainly expand my horizons. The scholarship will give me an opportunity to study for a PhD in a field of research that is very important globally. I get on well with my colleagues who come from the UK and many other countries. Also my supervisor is quite nice to me and I like my research field very much. The people in The University of Nottingham are really kind and helpful to the freshers. Just keep a positive attitude and walk all around."


Vanessa Fernandes from Venezuela
Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence
PhD Materials Engineering and Materials Design
"I chose to study at The University of Nottingham because they have a great polymer group research focused in my research area. Without the scholarship it would not have been possible for me to start my PhD study. Thanks to this help I can improve my knowledge in the polymer field and be able to research in such an important field. It’s been a great experience so far to be able to work with very good researchers and people of so many cultures. It is not only an academic experience, I have met people from all over the world and everyone has been very friendly. Nottingham is a great place to live and study, you won’t feel estrange here. I totally recommend."


Waqas Anwar from Pakistan
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Civil Engineering: Environmental Fluid Mechanics
"After completing my Bachelors I decided to do a Masters from a highly recognized international university. I started comparing academic rankings of universities and ended up at the Noble prizes they have. No doubt, in every comparison, The University of Nottingham remained in the top universities. Second thing was arrangement of funds. In my list The University of Nottingham was the only university offering handsome scholarships. So I applied for the Developing Solutions scholarship, got it and now I am here; in fact I am loving being here. Academic staff in the Civil Engineering department are co-operative and the laboratories are well established. Beside this, the diversity of students in The University of Nottingham is admirable and studying among thousands of students from 130 plus countries has a good impact on my personality and vision. I have also joined many societies which are a platform for entertainment, knowledge and socialism, making my experience more enjoyable and I strongly advise all new coming students to take part in extra co-curricular activities which are offered here."


Edwinah Atusingwize from Uganda
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
Master of Public Health
"I chose to study at The University of Nottingham because it is among the top 10 Universities in the UK and has a global reputation for its teaching and research. Studying Public Health at such an institution with its great School of Community Health Sciences is one of the best paths I have taken for a Public Health career. Many thanks to the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme which made it possible for me to study here without worrying about tuition and living expenses. I thank God for this support! I would not have managed to come to such an International University without a scholarship. The University has a broad range of study opportunities that every student must find really supportive all the way. The student resources, such as well stocked libraries, IT facilities, a friendly International Office, a community of international students and some of the best global researchers and lecturers, create a very pleasant learning environment, and having a personal tutor right away from the start of the course is really awesome. To any international student coming to The University of Nottingham, you do not need to worry about settling in for your studies. The lecturers are really supportive and you only need to ask."


Kelly Elimian from Nigeria
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Applied Epidemiology
"There is a need for more experts to join the already existing few in combating the rising prevalence of infectious diseases. I was better informed of the significance of epidemiological approach to disease prevention after studying Microbiology and The University of Nottingham was one of the four universities that offer Epidemiology as a separate course in the UK. After reading the course overview and about Nottingham’s high reputation for academic excellence and hospitality, I applied. The University of Nottingham Developing Solutions scholarship made my aspiration come through. Good grades in my continuous assessment so far can be attributed to focus and commitment to studies. Having a 100% scholarship made this possible. Coming to Nottingham has been fun. Everything from academics to social life is a new experience for me. When I think of finally get to miss home, I see more reasons to feel at home. Resuming early is advisable. But the moments after the introduction week, lectures start. You need to be prepared as the system might be different from what you are used to."


Madhuparna Ganguly from India
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MRes Stem Cell Biology
"The reason behind choosing The University of Nottingham is that this university is very well known for its Stem Cell Biology based researches and has lot of interesting projects. Since my interest and future plan is to be in Stem Cell research, The University of Nottingham is the best place to put my first step in the world of research because this university is providing world class education and research facilities. The scholarship has helped me to fulfil my dream to be in a world class research environment by covering my MRes Stem Cell Biology course fees and thus by helping me economically. Being a part of the well facilitated research based course, I am sure that the rich learning experience at The University of Nottingham will help me to gain in-depth knowledge and experience in Stem Cell Biology research which I think will play a positive role to serve the purpose of mankind. My advice to the international students planning to come to this university would be surely an important milestone for their career and they all will find a new reason to stay further here in Nottingham."


Everton Smith from Jamaica
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSC Civil Engineering: Structural Engineering
"Being a successful recipient of the Developing Solutions scholarship, it has provided welcome financial assistance to accomplish my desire for higher education. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Civil Engineering that will enhance my personal and professional development so that I can make a meaningful contribution to the engineering or construction industry at large upon completion of my studies. The University of Nottingham was chosen as it enjoys high standings in the university rankings both locally and internationally. The university has various support systems that have made the process of studying enjoyable and appreciative. Such systems not only concentrate on the academic component of studies but also on your professional development with ongoing seminars throughout the year. Any international student that wishes to study at the University of Nottingham, in my view would have made an excellent decision. The University has programmes at the beginning and during your course of study that will certainly cause you to feel extremely welcome to the United Kingdom. One such excellent programme is the Welcome Programme administered at the start of each academic year especially for international students."


Justus R A Boeckmann from Germany
Vice Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (European Union)
PhD Business and Managements
"Prior to completing my MSc dissertation here at Nottingham I never truly thought about continuing my academic career as I was convinced ‘corporate’ was to be my road ahead. Showing the level of staff commitment, it was not until my supervisor indicated a potential fit between my topic and the research programmes at The University of Nottingham and the opportunities following a successful application to one of the scholarships. I succeeded in the latter and was allowed onto the PhD Business and Management scheme which has ever since given me the forum of combining my interests with academic purpose – an experience that I highly recommend. Besides being an internationally renowned and top ranked institution, I personally value the level of support at Nottingham University, both academically and administratively, and should think that given a level of quality and dedication this school can and will be a strong partner to one’s personal academic pursuits."


Michael Ayotunde Abayomi from Nigeria
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Oncology
"The University of Nottingham is highly rated, one of the top 10 universities in the UK, with global recognition as one of the best in the world. My course is also well taught in different areas which gives an in-depth knowledge on my desired course. The University cuts across a wide range of excellent personalities with cultural, social and academic background all over the world and this gives you the opportunity of meeting the best from all over the world. The Developing Solutions scholarship was the bridge between the high cost of international tuition fees and achieving my dreams. Without the scholarship I wouldn't have been able to study at this prestigious university. The 50% tuition scholarship was a great relief and reassuring stand to pay the rest. Studying here is challenging and different from back home. The library, lecture rooms and other facilities are great, with a wide range of online learning resources. I like it here, it makes you be in control while broadening your intellectual. Nottingham as a town is quite cool, nice and attractive with great interesting places and shopping malls. Settling into the University life could be a little difficult and that’s because of the new environment, weather, people and life style, but the earlier the better because of the academic work load ahead. You can seek help if you seem lost in any area, people here are very friendly and helpful. Nottingham is a great place and fun."


Simone Amara Ward from Trinidad and Tobago
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine
"As a physician from the Caribbean I was looking for a highly recognised university to complete my postgraduate study. The academic reputation of The University of Nottingham, together with their portfolio of scholarships for international students influenced my decision. The Developing Solutions scholarship has been integral in helping me attain my degree as it greatly reduced the financial burden of the high costs of tuition fees. I hope to return to Trinidad and Tobago on completion of my studies to use my knowledge to improve the health care services being provided. The resources available at the University of Nottingham are state of the art and the staff and lecturers at the Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine are very warm and helpful. They have made settling into my course effortless and I am enjoying the experience. Coming from a tropical country my main adjustment was to the climate. I easily adapted to the academic and social lifestyle and was keen to explore the town of Nottingham. Choosing to study at The University of Nottingham will definitely be the right decision for any international student wishing to further their education. The diversity of students ensures that you never feel out of place. You are guaranteed to feel welcomed and make some new friends. Just be sure to have a warm coat, waterproof shoes and an umbrella close at hand, because I found out the hard way just how unpredictable the weather in the UK can be."


Boampong Kwadwo from Ghana
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Clinical Microbiology
"I chose to study in The University of Nottingham because it is an esteemed seat of learning and also because of its international recognition. It is ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK so I knew from the start that I was making the right choice. Pursuing a career in infection control as a microbiologist is my dream. Coming from a developing country, I hope to use my knowledge in microbiology to help ensure the proper control, management and diagnosis of infectious diseases while concurrently conducting researches on infectious diseases in Africa. The MSc in Clinical Microbiology is therefore a step to achieving this dream and this would not have been possible without the Developing Solutions scholarship. The teaching and learning facilities here have exposed me to the research world and my analytical thinking as a scientist has improved immensely. This rich experience will play an important role in my development as a microbiologist. I would strongly recommend The University of Nottingham to any prospective student who wants to pursue higher education. It offers the best environment for learning and I am really enjoying my stay here."


Eman Ali Ali Aboul Gasim from Sudan
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MRes Pharmacy – Molecular and Cellular Science
"I chose to be one of the international students in the international University of Nottingham as I read about the School of Pharmacy at Nottingham and the fact that encourages me of doing something recognizable and great in order to serve lots of problems in my country and African countries as well. When you cannot do anything when one of your relatives is dying by one of the most devastating disease in your country and you don’t have anything you can do, Schistosomiasis being the disease, you just try to find a solution for that disease, which affects more than half of the African countries. And my country one of them. I was thinking a lot before finding the where I am going to study. Finally in The University of Nottingham and in Pharmacy I found myself working with a big aim of developing a vaccine for Schistosomiasis. It happened I am now settling down working for the lives of other human beings."


Kyle Jordan Hiebert from Canada
Canada Masters Scholarship
MA in Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights
I completed an MA in Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights through the University of Nottingham's School of Sociology and Social Policy. I chose to study at Nottingham because of the great recommendations I received from friends. Also, the MA programme itself appealed to me because it combined a unique multidisciplinary approach in analysing various elements of globalisation. As an international student, the scholarship helped greatly in making studying overseas not only achievable, but made the quality of my study that much greater because it lessened the financial burden upfront and allowed me to enjoy my time in the UK more by freeing up money to see and experience more of the UK than I otherwise would not have done. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nottingham. They city is perfect to live in as a student, the campus is beautiful, and the international emphasis of the University (both in students and faculty) really brings together such a diverse blend of perspectives and backgrounds and provides an educational experience that is truly unique. My advice about settling in to life at the university would be to get a big jump on your studies early. There will be so many club nights, pub crawls and student society things to do throughout the year that it's better to get a jump on your studies early. Also, if you're looking to work, one of the best places to look is the facilities department of the university itself.


Samrah Mian from Canada
Canada Masters Scholarship
LLM Human Rights Law
I chose to study the International Law LLM at the University of Nottingham because I was impressed by its facilities, the beautiful campus and its reputable global status. Additionally, the opportunities available for involvement with the Human Rights Law Centre and the frequency of speaker events offered by the Law School made the decision quite easy. The scholarship strengthened my resolve to go to Nottingham and served as added assurance that I had made the right choice. I loved my time there. Along with learning more about international law from a European perspective and honing my professional skills, I managed to explore British culture and make lasting friendships with people from all around the world. To other international students I advise keeping yourself open to new experiences and to maintain a balance between studying and enjoying yourself. Nottingham is a student town with diverse meeting places, great bars and a variety of internationally-flavoured events. Your education at the university will probably be one of the best times of your life so try to make the most of it.


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