Our 2013 Scholarship Students


As a mark of commitment to internationalising our community of students, and to encourage diversity, The University of Nottingham offers a comprehensive and expanding range of scholarships.

You can also meet some of our 2012 scholarship winners.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our scholarship winners and we'd like to introduce you to some of our 2013 scholarship students below.

Raman Akinyanju Lawal from Nigeria
Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (International)
PhD Genetics
“I am studying Genetics (PhD). I choose to study at The University of Nottingham due to the high quality of facilities and the excellent and sound research output available. The University of Nottingham is also in the top 25 choice of graduate employers. Apart from a long and notable history of academic excellence, the fact that The University of Nottingham has produced two finest Nobel Laureates makes it my preferred University of choice. The highly competitive Vice Chancellor’s scholarship has provided greatest relief for me to pursue my dream in the world of Molecular Genetics. The scholarship covers my very expensive school fee and the University also provides help with a part time job through Unitemps, an opportunity to gain working and international experience. I am enjoying my study perfectly well here at the university. I have always wanted to work with the best group for my PhD so I should say I am lucky to be in one. If I need to relax my brain, the millennium garden, the green landscape of the university, the riverside and the beautiful city of Nottingham make a great pleasure for me. I am a student ambassador to The University of Nottingham and my experience so far has been fascinating. The University of Nottingham is a multicultural university so it is easy to get life going here. There are several societies cut across all continents that international students can join. Life is easy here at the university but in case there are issues new international students can contact the International Office and I can assure you it will be solved. I would love to pursue my postdoc on completion of my PhD. I want to gain lots of international experience so that when I return to Nigeria I will be able to confidently contribute to the progress of my country. Let me just say, I am here in the UK to learn new things that will be of great benefit to my country and to my generation.”


Laura Vilkaite from Lithuania
Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (European Union)
PhD Applied Linguistics
 “After doing my MA in Applied Linguistics at The University of Nottingham, I have realized that I definitely want to pursue my academic career in this field and that Nottingham is an excellent place for that. Winning the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship allows me to work with a great supervisor in a challenging but also supportive group of students that are interested in second language and especially vocabulary acquisition. Hence I get a lot of meaningful discussions both with my supervisor and my peers and this helps me to think broader and discover new ideas. The other thing that I do really appreciate is that we have working space at the School, which allows me to meet other PhD students on a daily basis, so I had a chance to meet new friends and always be around with people. After finishing my studies I hope to be able to go back to my home country and work at the University in Vilnius.”


Ambrose Dery Noeyel from Ghana
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
MSc Applied Epidemiology
 “I chose the University of Nottingham because it is a global university with prestige and the availability of resources in an exciting and greenery environment. It also offers many scholarships for international students. This scholarship award was a dream come through for me. Without it there was no way I would have been here. I would not have been able to fund my studies in such a prestigious university like The University of Nottingham. It is a wonderful experience to study in this university. The resources are available whatever your area of study. Lecturers are supportive and meeting colleagues from other countries is just exciting and fun. The blend of rigorous academic work and social activities make studying at Nottingham University fulfilling. I advise any student who is thinking of studying abroad for any course, to look no further than The University of Nottingham. It has everything you need to succeed in your study. I am hoping to further my education by pursuing PhD programme after graduation.”


Sylvia Kiconco from Uganda
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Applied Epidemiology
“I am forever indebted to The University of Nottingham’s Developing Solutions Scholarship Scheme. With the tuition support, my decision to joining The University of Nottingham and build a career in Applied Epidemiology is already a turning point into the dire needed pool of professionals with knowledge and skill in preventing and responding to emerging/re-emerging Community Health concerns. The University of Nottingham has got all the necessary state of the art facilities to enable anyone excel both academically and professionally. For any student on an academic and impact mission, The University of Nottingham has got it all.”


Deborah Cristina de Oliveira from Brazil
PhD Scholarship for Research Excellence from Brazil
PhD Health Studies
“I decided to study in Nottingham University for this being one of the top Universities in the UK and in the world. I also considered my supervisor’s qualification and experience related to my topic of Research. Without this scholarship I would not be able to do my PhD in the UK, considering that it affords my maintenance, the trip from my country to the UK and fees. I can though study and develop my research in full time dedication. This University has many international people, which made me feel very welcome! It has beautiful parks, great libraries, great work spaces and courses in which you can develop all necessary academic skills to follow an academic career. There are opportunities related to arts, sports, music ... This has been a wonderful and unique experience! I would advise new students to enjoy each opportunity that the Nottingham University provides, such as short courses, academic events, to participate of Societies (of some sport society, for example), and to learn as much as you can with supervisors and colleagues.”


Sanjana Ahmed from Bangladesh
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy
“Among the many different choices for pursuing my post-grad, The University of Nottingham came out as the right choice due to its reputed global status, international student body and impressive Park Campus. It almost seemed practical to study Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering, sitting at a 300 acre world-acclaimed green campus. The university has a deep interest in my chosen field of study in sustainability and reflects it through its sustainable research groups. It is not just my department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering which focuses on Renewable Technologies, rather, the concept of renewable generation is intertwined with topics from other departments, helping me broaden the horizon of my cross-disciplinary knowledge in my preferred area. With supervisors actively motivating students for more research in highly industry funded projects, I plan to continue my PhD in the same institution, and work towards making the world back to a greener place. The Developing Solutions Scholarship was a key encouragement to my interest of pursuing higher education, with an aim towards excelling in my area of research. The scholarship has also helped me put my focus on studies be able to enjoy the vast array of activities Nottingham has to offer as a university, and as a lively student city. The university offers you great support in settling down by letting you practice your passions, culture, and beliefs.”


Áine Byrne from Ireland
Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (European Union)
PhD Mathematical Sciences
“The University of Nottingham has one of the best maths neuroscience research groups in the UK, and as that’s my field of interest it was an easy choice. Receiving the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship was a great honour and I know that it’s something which will work to my advantage when applying to conferences and for funding, etc. The University of Nottingham is a great university with lots of highly respected researchers, who I hope to be able to collaborate with over the course of my PhD. Nottingham is also a really nice place to live. The city’s big enough to have everything you could possibly need, but also small enough that you’re bound to run into a friend or two when you’re in town on a Sunday afternoon. The best advice I could give to someone starting out here would be to be adventurous and to throw yourself into your work and your social activities; it’s important to have a healthy balance between the two. I try to treat my PhD as a full-time job and work 9-5 Monday to Friday and then relax on the weekends."


Meshach Asare-Werehene from Ghana 
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
MSc Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology

“The University of Nottingham was among the few universities that could offer a combined MSc in Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology. As a prospective student seeking to acquire an in-depth scientific knowledge in applying modern immunology to cancer treatment, Nottingham stood favourite in my array of schools. The University aside providing a plethora of opportunities and scholarships, has over a long period of time enjoyed a reputable domestic and international pedigree. Through the quality tuition that the school offers, I have developed a key knowledge underpinning the molecular basis of cancer, tumour immunology, cancer vaccines and host-tumour interface. With this knowledge, I can describe the applicability of different vaccination strategies to cancer therapy, development of monoclonal antibodies and their use in cancer vaccines. As a commonwealth shared scholar, I am able to concentrate fully on my academics without any financial anxiety. I have also taken advantage of the trips organised by the international office to visit interesting places outside the city of Nottingham. The unique blend of brilliant lecturers, listening personal tutors, a diligent international office, a vibrant student union, vigilant security officers and an undulating landscape offers a congenial environment to support student living and studies. With the school’s current status of being the most targeted university by UK top employers, prospective students can be convinced of a brighter future after their studies in Nottingham. Rush and be part of this world of possibilities.”


Shukhrat Nasirov from the Russian Federation
Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (International)
PhD Industrial Economics
“I chose to do my research here, at The University of Nottingham, because it is home to one of the world’s leading business schools, having outstanding reputation in the field of entrepreneurship, knowledge management and knowledge economy, and innovation. The PhD pathway I applied for is the unique one across the country. This provides an opportunity to combine rigorous training in management with advanced modules in economics and econometrics. Along with the outstanding programme, I would like to emphasise excellent supervisory arrangements offered by the School: here, you can be absolutely confident that you will be mentored by top experts in the area of your research. As an international student it might be problematic to meet the challenges of embarking on a PhD without having some sort of financial support and I am glad that The University of Nottingham offers such a diversified portfolio of scholarships, which allows students from all over the world to get access to a world-class education. Having financial support during my PhD studies has paramount importance as it helps me to get concentrated specifically on my research, so that the burden of tuition fees and living expenses fades into insignificance. What I especially enjoyed during my first few day at the university is its vibrant and friendly atmosphere where you feel yourself as a part of a large scientific community – it really helped me not only settle in and make new friends, but also start my research from the very beginning. Overall, for those who are choosing among top UK universities I would highly recommend The University of Nottingham as their first choice.”


Philip Kligman from Canada
Canada Masters Scholarship
MSc Corporate Strategy and Governance
“I actually had the opportunity to study at The University of Nottingham in my undergraduate studies as part of an exchange program with my home university (Concordia University). The University of Nottingham is one of the only schools to offer a course that includes two inter-dependent topics such as corporate strategy and governance. Coming from overseas the scholarships I received made it more affordable for me to study at such a well established institution, who are at the forefront of research and practical, relevant knowledge. I love The University of Nottingham, it’s got a very diverse study body, which is an essential for students like myself to interact and build a larger global network. Firstly, I’d recommend bringing a raincoat and be prepared to get wet. The UK doesn’t have the most favourable weather forecasts. Secondly, be prepared to read and read and read. Finally, embrace the English culture and be very outgoing to make the most of your experiences in Nottingham. I am hoping to work in taxation upon completing my postgraduate degree.”


Khadija Huggins from Trinidad and Tobago
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Molecular Medical Microbiology
“I am currently pursuing the MSc in Molecular Medical Microbiology and choosing to study at The University of Nottingham was the best decision I ever made. Being awarded the Developing Solutions Scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date skills at a world class facility under expert supervision. I have never met a more enthusiastic group of people than my course lecturers! My love for this university is not only based on its academic profile; Nottingham caters to every leisure activity possible through its diverse student societies. I am having a wonderful time being a member of three ensembles in the Music Society (Mussoc) and can you imagine that there is even a Quidditch and Harry Potter Society? I would recommend that all international students participate in a few of these groups because it is a great way to make new friends who share your interests. So if you are looking for a well balanced, world renowned university, Nottingham is the right place for you.”


Emmanuel Badiena from Ghana
Developing Solutions Scholarship and British Council Ghana Award
Master of Public Health
“I chose to study in Nottingham because of its internationally acclaimed reputation of academic and research excellence. I must admit without this award my dream of starting this programme in a prestigious university like this will have remained what it is, a dream. Thankfully, I have an uninterrupted peace of mind to focus on my studies without cause to worry about tuition fees. The Developing Solutions Scholarship and British Council Ghana Award has really made significant difference in my life. I am enjoying my studies because, in this institution, virtually everybody looks forward to offering the student support in both academic and career development guidance. There is sufficient network and student support for international students to feel at home. Also, cost of living in Nottingham is quite reasonable for a student on low budget. Although I am not done with my studies, I see a lot of things differently now and I look forward to practicing my newly acquired knowledge and skills in public health and research. I intend to pursue a PhD probably two years post-graduation.”


Mary Bukola Ibitoye from Nigeria
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
Msc Advanced Nursing Studies
“I chose The University of Nottingham because of its international reputation as a research intensive institution, with a lot of resources which create an enabling and conducive learning environment. Moreover, their rich portfolio of scholarships for international students demonstrates their passion for international development. The rich blend of students from over 130 countries and a team of lecturers, who are researchers and experts in their specialty areas, make it possible to have a rich experience academically and socially. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to advance my practice as a nurse in an international setting, and also to develop excellent research and nursing skills to promote healthcare services in my country. It is a true blessing. I study without any financial worries. Thanks to the University, CSC and DFID. My experience in this university has been superb due to the unflinching support from the staff and availability of resources such as well-equipped libraries and excellent IT services. Moreover, the challenge associated with my course is enabling me to discover hidden abilities within me. To international students, make sure you attend the Welcome Week, you will find it very helpful. There is a lot of support available for you to settle down and have a successful study. Just ask!”



Mohamed Adam from Sudan
Dean of Engineering Research Scholarship for International Excellence
PhD Chemical Engineering
“Reputation in terms of resources and research quality was one of the main factors which encouraged me to join The University of Nottingham. Without this scholarship I could not have the opportunity to start my PhD at this esteemed university and with one of the world leading research groups in its area which is the Industrial Microwave Processing group. I am enjoying working with my group for many reasons, including the multidisciplinary nature of the group, the facilities they have, and the high quality research they conduct in collaboration with many industrial partners. My PhD research is focused on applying microwave and RF energy for the processing of biomass. The most interesting about this area is that it is strongly related to the current global challenges of energy security and environmental concerns. After graduation, I will try to find a job within the field of research and academia. I will apply the research skills I gained here in Nottingham to conduct strategically important researches that deal with the major global concerns of energy and sustainability.”


Makinde-Ojo Ayoola MacJay from Nigeria
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MSc Environmental and Resource Engineering
“I am a Nigerian national on MSc Environmental and Resource Engineering study in The University of Nottingham: the upright avatar of excellence, relevance, love and prospect. My prestigious University of Nottingham is reputation I gladly associate with; and I owe this privilege to God, family and the Developing Solutions Scholarship particularly. When I re-applied in 2013 for the grant – after losing the scholarship granted me for my 2012 application due to financial rickety, the scheme still believed in me and gave me a second chance at realising my dream. The scholarship support gave me a 4-dimensional stability of depleted psychological stress, exposure to an international academic experience, work opportunity to support finance, and hope for a brighter future. Now, I am proudly an ambassador of my institution, with a future of participating in global environmental rejuvenation and economic stabilisation. In agreement with Einstein’s testament of my University, read at the scholars' meeting in 2013, I subtly advise future applicants to be focused, face challenges courageously, associate with dream-expediters, and aim for an institution with nurturing warmth and worth for the world. In short, my University of Nottingham is for you.”


Dr Yeasmin Akhter from Bangladesh
Developing Solutions Scholarship
MMedSci Assisted Reproduction Technology
"The University of Nottingham and its School of Clinical Sciences is very reputed and world renowned for this course. The University of Nottingham is highly suggested for its academic quality and continuing research. Moreover, I found the School of Clinical Sciences, Nottingham University is the perfect match for me for its well-designed syllabus along with lab services. As well as, it is the perfect domicile for me to enhance my knowledge on this particular field by learning under highly experienced teachers, researchers and trainers. Being a Physician of a developing country (Bangladesh), it was impossible for me to achieve such advanced study in the area of infertility. In The University of Nottingham of United Kingdom this scholarship favors me to get a convenient rooming, security and steady mind to fulfil my dream with its huge handsome. Moreover studying at this university is full of challenges. Advanced categories of learning resources are available and every one of the University family is very accommodating. Walking and working here, making consults with professors has really blown my mind. For students who are wishing to establish themselves as most skilful in their area of interest, Nottingham would be the best option."


Afrakoma Afriyie-Asante from Ghana
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
MSc Microbiology and Immunology
“I chose The University of Nottingham because it was one of the very few schools that offered a combined microbiology and immunology course. I was totally blown away by the school’s domestic and internationally ranking and the fact that employers have great regard for graduates of this institution. This testifies to their commitment to teaching and research. I was also motivated by the numerous scholarships it offers to students to encourage young generation to help build their countries. As a biomedical scientist by profession, I chose this program at this prestigious university so I can acquire the requisite knowledge and research skill to contribute my quota to my country so as to help attain the millennium development goals at the health sector. My dream of studying at the University of Nottingham would not have been a reality without the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship since I would not have been able to meet the cost. I have never regretted coming to this noble institution in that it provides all the necessary facilities needed to support students to develop themselves. So far, I have enjoyed my stay here with the tremendous support from the School of Life Sciences and the International Office. I have really been challenged beyond measure studying in this noble institution which I believe is very good and would encourage all prospective international students to take a look at this opportunity and be part of this family.”


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