Inter-campus exchange


Undergraduate students from The University of Nottingham's campuses in China and Malaysia have the opportunity to study at The University of Nottingham, UK for one semester or one academic year through the Inter-Campus Exchange programme.



Inter-Campus Exchange

Tuition fees

Inter-campus exchange students do not pay any tuition fees to The University of Nottingham UK, but continue to pay tuition fees to their home campus.

Exchange process

You should contact the International Office at your home campus for information on:

  • how to apply
  • the selection criteria
  • their application deadlines
  • next steps in progessing with the exchange.

Academic departments

The following schools/departments at the UK campus only have one deadline a year for applications which is in April:

  • Department of Architecture and Built Environment
  • Nottingham University Business School
  • School of Chemistry
  • Department of Culture, Film and Media
  • School of English
  • School of Law
  • School of Physics
  • School of Politics and International Relations

The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering is not accepting students for 2017-18.

Find out more about:

  • Term dates and exam periods

Academic Year

The academic year at Nottingham is divided into two semesters.  Modules are offered during each semester and examination periods take place at the end of each semester. All students must be in Nottingham for the regular examination periods.

If students request to take re-sit examinations then these may be arranged to be taken overseas at the student’s home institution during the re-sit period in August/September each year. Fees are applied for re-sit examinations and overseas re-sit examination arrangements.  Please note re-sit examinations are not available in a small number of schools/departments. The University of Nottingham modules which run for the full year are assessed at the end of the academic year only.

2017-18 Semester Dates

Autumn Semester: Monday 25 September 2017 – Saturday 27 January 2018

Spring Semester: Monday 29 January 2018 – Friday 22 June 2018


We expect all students to be available in Nottingham for the entire exam period. Students will only, in very exceptional circumstances (example: serious illness), be allowed to undertake alternative assessment in place of their exams, or take exams overseas.

Students must inform the Courses Office AND the Global Engagement Team of any such requests as early as possible. Students are expected to be available for all examinations being taken during this time. Failure to attend an examination will result in a mark of zero being awarded.

Autumn semester

Monday 15 January 2018 to Saturday 27 January 2018 – including Saturday 20 January 2018

Spring semester

Monday 21 May 2018 to Saturday 09 June 2018 – including Saturday 26 May and 02 June 2018

  • Selecting modules

The Module Catalogue is available online. All applicants should consult the school module information which includes important information about limited availability or specific requirements.

We cannot guarantee you will be able to register for modules listed as availability for some places is limited, depending on the programme. Students are always advised to consider a few alternative modules in case first choices are not available.

Information about module selection will be sent to you after you receive your offer letter. 

Students are able to study modules from other schools/departments but you must take into account timetable clashes and travel times between the three campuses. Please see our campus information here.

  • Enrolling on modules

Students are able to pre-register for some modules and register for the subsidairy modules after they arrive in Nottingham and after formal registration at the University. Students will have two weeks at the beginning of each semester to finalise their module choices.  Modules cannot be changed or removed after this two week add and drop period. 

The University of Nottingham rules and regulations state that in order to qualify as a full time registered student you are required to select 60 Nottingham credits per semester/120 Nottingham credits per year. 

The maximum credit load per semester is 70 credits, however we would strongly advise against taking more than 60 credits per semester.  1 credit equals 10 hours of work. This work includes classroom teaching and out-of-class study. Therefore a 10 credit module represents 100 hours of work in one semester.

Please discuss credit and grade transfer with your home campus before you arrive in Nottingham.

  • Immigration and visas

Non-European Economic Area Nationals (Non-EEA)

Students joining the University for a period of less than 6 months will need to apply for a short-term study visa using the hard copy offer letter sent to them once their application has been completely processed. 

Information on making a short-term study visa application can be found online here. 

Students joining the University for longer than 6 months will be provided with details relating to their Tier 4 visa application once accepted. Information on this can be found online here.

  • Health and insurance

Our University Health Centre provides medical and dental care for students. Full-time students of any nationality who are studying at the University for at least six months can receive medical treatment through the National Health Service (NHS) by registering with the University Health Centre upon arrival. Once registered, most treatment is free but charges are made for prescriptions, dental care and optical checks. The situation with regard to treatment for pre-existing medical conditions is changing and charges will be made for such treatment. Students are strongly advised to take out health insurance before leaving their home country.

Students from countries within the European Economic Area should ensure they bring their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which provides reciprocal health cover. Note for students on study periods of less than six months: Students from countries with reciprocal health agreements (all European Economic Area countries and some other European countries) should ensure that they bring their EHIC. This will entitle them to the same treatment as a UK national. However, charges are made for prescriptions, dental care and optical checks. Students without the EHIC who wish to see a doctor at the University's Health Centre will receive treatment as a private patient and will be charged approximately £25 consultation fee.

Non-EU students from countries with no reciprocal health agreement must ensure that they take out appropriate medical insurance before departure for the UK.

Insurance Cover

All students should take out insurance to cover their personal belongings – particularly if you are bringing expensive equipment e.g. a computer. Insurance companies in the UK will also sell students insurance once they have arrived in the UK, one example being the Endsleigh Insurance Company,

  • Disability support

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a person with a disability as someone who has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day to day activities. If students consider themselves to have a disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible during the application procedure. This will ensure that we can provide the best advice to enable them to make the most of the study period at the University. Students with additional needs will be given priority for University-owned accommodation wherever possible. The Student Services Centres provide advice and support to students.

  • Accommodation

A variety of accommodation is available at Nottingham and guaranteed for exchange students so you may be offered on or off campus accommodation which may or may not offer catering options.

Information about university-allocated accommodation can be found here.

We strongly recommend that Autumn or Spring semester students consider university-allocated accommodation as private landlords usually prefer one year study students.

You should be aware that the average age of a Nottingham-based student who is living in catered halls is 18 years old. For many UK-based students this is the first time that they have lived away from home. Please bear this in mind when applying for accommodation. When you have received your allocation of University accommodation please note the contract dates, as these cannot be changed and may not match the academic year dates.

If you decide to choose private accommodation please wait until you arrive in Nottingham to find a place as we strongly discourage choosing accommodation and paying any kind of rent or deposit before you see it in person and are able to have the contract checked by a qualified person. 

Please note that one semester students renting private accommodation from a landlord are responsible for all bills including gas, electricity and water rates. 

  • Registration

A few weeks before your arrival you will receive e-mails and additional information which will answer many of your questions concerning your registration, student ID card, health and travel to Nottingham.

Registration is the process by which a student becomes a full-time student at Nottingham.   All students must complete registration with the University of Nottingham.   Registration takes place in two stages at the start of each academic semester. 

Stage One

Online registration before arrival. Details of how to register online are given to each successful student by e-mail during September for a September start and January for a January start.

Students will also receive an e-mail from the Student ID card team explaining how to upload your photograph before arrival. You will be notified where to collect the Student ID card on arrival.

Stage Two

The main university registration where students will confirm their attendance in person at the University and collect their student ID cards. 


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