Why study in the UK?


British higher education combines centuries of tradition and a solid history of academic study, with cutting edge thinking and a constantly evolving global perspective. With a strong reputation for research, innovation and creativity, British universities attract some of the world’s leading academics and many of its brightest students.

Focus on excellence

Degrees from English language institutions are highly regarded around the world, and Britain's higher education system is renowned internationally for high academic standards. Most British universities, including Nottingham, are public rather than private, which means that they are subject to stringent checks on the quality of teaching and research on behalf of the UK government.

#WeAreInternational: students and academics from across the world talk about their experiences of studying and working at universities in the UK. Find out more on the #WeAreInternational website.


Boost your employability

Studying in Britain could help make you an even more attractive proposition to employers. Continuing your education in a foreign country will give you an invaluable perspective on the increasingly internationalised world that we live in, which can give you an edge in a competitive and global job market.

Graduates who have spent time studying in another country are able to demonstrate to prospective employers that they possess a tremendous amount of maturity, adaptability and strength of character. What’s more, studying in Britain could boost your earning power – according to the Tracking International Graduate Outcomes study (BIS, 2011), UK-educated international graduates achieve higher average salaries than if they had been educated at home.

Graduate sooner

If you are thinking ahead to your career plans and entering the world of work, you may be interested to know that many degree courses at British universities are shorter than the equivalent courses in other countries. For example, most of bachelors degree programmes can be completed within three years.

Improve your English

Mastering the English language is a vital skill you can use around the world, and the UK is a top destination to study in English. Whether you struggle with English or are nearly fluent, our Centre for English Language Education (CELE) offers a range of options for you to keep on developing your English skills.

Explore other cultures

Many students also choose the UK as a place to live and study because of Britain's famous history and culture, along with its welcoming and multicultural society. The beautiful countryside and easy transport links with continental Europe also provide opportunities for exciting travel during university vacation periods.

A warm welcome

Research into UK students' attitudes towards international students has found high levels of integration and acceptance. Similarly, the British public does not see international students as immigrants and are opposed to attempts to reduce their number in a bid to lower net immigration. 

#WeAreInternational is a social media campaign bringing together universities across the UK who are committed to maintaining a diverse, inclusive community open to students and staff from across the world.

Think for yourself

International students often find that the British style of teaching and learning is very different from what they are used to. The learning environment is very interactive, and you will be strongly encouraged to express your own ideas and think for yourself. This will cultivate your creativity, decision-making and critical thinking skills, all of which will prove valuable in your future career, and in your personal development as an individual.

Find out more

Visit the International Student Life blog for tips and advice about living in Britain from our international students.

English people are so polite! I love that so much about England, I think it is something about which we can all learn. I also think that English people take very good care of their heritage sites, gardens and everything in general and that they are always looking for ways to improve what they do.
Andrea Garduno Jiminez,
BEng Environmental Engineering

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