Undergraduate students attending a Maths seminar in a Coates Building seminar room, University Park. november 5th 2021.

Travel and aspire scholarships

For students who will be travelling or studying abroad as part of their course

About Travel Scholarships

Our Travel Scholarships, also known as Aspire Scholarships are funded by generous private donations to support students who will be travelling abroad as part of their course. 

Each scholarship has eligibility criteria that must be met to receive the award. To be considered for an award, your must complete an application so we can assess your eligibility.

Travel Scholarships are quite varied and largely competitive with a limited number of awards available. We recommend you read through all the options available before submitting your application.

You must apply for the award in the academic year before your study abroad year.

Applications for 2023/24 Travel Scholarships are now open.

How to apply

To be considered for a Travel Scholarship, you must complete an application in the academic year before your study abroad year. 

Applications for 2023/24 Travel Scholarships are now open. 

The deadline for applications is Friday 17 May 2024.

For additional information for each scholarship and tips on what information to include when you apply, please see the funds guidance notes.

Note: All references to household income refer to the figure which is calculated by Student Finance when a student applies to them for means-tested funding.

Please refer to our Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement - for anyone who makes an application for funding from the Funding & Financial Support Team.

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