Sino-UK Geospatial Engineering Centre
University of Nottingham

CEO training courses

During the past nine years we have trained over 220 leading Chinese CEOs and government officials in the geospatial sciences sector. 

The National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASG) CEO Training Courses have been one of the most successful UK-China executive training courses. They have resulted in over 10 CEO classes and a unique fusion of UK and Chinese government, industrial and academic representatives as well as creating a network of CEOs, chief engineers and sector government officials that are ambassadors of our visions. This is also due to the unrelenting support we’ve received from the NASG leadership.


Group photo of 21 officials and CEOs from China with SUGEC academics
During July 2012, 21 officials and CEOs from various parts of China visited the Nottingham centre as part of a CEO training programme.
Each year our trainees have given us extremely positive feedback for the overall quality of the training courses. The overall objectives of the NASG CEO Training Courses are to enhance the dialogue, collaboration and cross border investments between the UK and China on geospatial sciences, project management and joint bidding of new strategic projects.


NASG Industrial Leaders Training Programme 2017

The Sino-UK Geospatial Engineering Centre welcomed 14 top industrial leaders from China to take part in the annual training course from October 23rd – 27th 2017.