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GeoSHM Demo Project passes 1st Milestone

The GeoSHM Demo Project held the Baseline Design Review (BDR) at the University of Nottingham on July 15th 2016. Consortium members from the University of Nottingham, prime contractor UbiPOS, Sub-contractors Leica and GVL, and end user Amey gathered at the University with the European Space Agency’s project officer for the project.
The consortium members presented their individual work to date for the project, with Amey demonstrating how the GeoSHM Demo Project can benefit them as end-users.
The meeting covered in detail the variety of operations taking place within the project and set goals for the 2nd Milestone, of which the review meeting is entitled ‘Critical Design Review’ (CDR) and will take place in March 2017.
ESA were very pleased with the development of the project and confirmed that the goals for the this stage has been successfully achieved.

Author: Roxanne Parnham

Posted on Thursday 13th October 2016