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Delegates from NASG demonstrate their work to Dr Xiaolin Meng and Professor Alan Dodson

The British node of ZY-3 Satellite Image Cloud Service Platform formally opened

On January 16th, 2017, the two delegates from Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center (SASMAC), NASG came to The University of Nottingham to develop international academic exchanges. The client of ZY-3 Satellite Image Cloud Service Platform was installed successfully with concerted efforts. The platform received the first batch of data successfully from SASMAC, which means the British node of ZY-3 Satellite Image Cloud Service Platform has started its formal running.
This platform is supported by a cloud-based storage environment. It is mainly for providing management services, distribution services and real-time push services to users for the latest images of China’s high-resolution satellites such as ZY-3-01 and ZY-3-02. Based on the platform, technology cooperation and scientific research will be carried out between China and the UK, which can be used to facilitate instant share and efficient application of China’s high-resolution satellite images.


Author: Roxanne Parnham

Posted on Wednesday 1st February 2017