Outreach photo Child's painting

Our group has been active in developing new approaches to outreach to industry and to the wider public.

1n 1996, with the help of the Gatsby Foundation, we appointed Dr Paul Hamley, as Technology Transfer Scientist, a senior postdoctoral researcher whose remit was to promote collaboration with industry and carry out proof of principle experiments. This post became self-financing has now evolved into a Business Partnership Unit within the School of Chemistry and the SWIFT training network.

In 2004, EPSRC support enabled us to appoint Dr Samantha Tang, as Public Awareness Scientist, to catalyse the participation of all members of our group in science outreach activities. These activities now involve researchers and staff right across the School of Chemistry.

A copy of a pamphlet covering some of the work done using SCFs in the Clean Technology Group at Nottingham can be downloaded here.

Video recorded and produced by Brady Haran.

More recently we have worked with video journalist video journalist Brady Haran to construct a Periodic Table of Videos on YouTube.

 Photo of the Periodic Table of Videos Team (Back: Dr. Deborah Kays, Mr. Neil Barnes, Dr. Peter Licence, Dr. Stephen Liddle, Prof. Martyn Poliakoff. Front: Dr. Samantha Tang, Mr. Brady Haran)