Tree Surveys

Trees in autumn on Jubilee Avenue, University Park

The University of Nottingham has an extremely diverse collection of trees across all its campuses, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of the University community. Each campus is quite unique. We've completed a full tree survey of University Park and plan to undertake tree surveys for the other three campuses.

University Park consists of many former private houses and gardens and therefore the mature tree collections reflect the trends of the periods. Jubilee Campus, being a relatively new campus, has a very young collection of trees and as such is still quite limited in varieties. The same can be said of King’s Meadow Campus. Sutton Bonington has a more mature collection and in particular is noted for the Arboretum collection adjacent to Eviton House PDF format.

University Park survey

With more than 8,000 trees currently recorded on University Park, the survey has been split into zones. The overall campus plan PDF format identifies 22 zones; each zone has a map and data sheet, which should be read together. Information provided in the data sheet includes:

  • tree ID number
  • Campus zone
  • Location
  • Family name
  • Genus
  • Species
  • Variety
  • Common or English name
  • Height
  • Crown spread
  • Stem diameter
  • Approximate age range
  • Current condition
  • Country of origin

University Park tree survey maps and data sheets
Zone Map PDF format Data sheet PDF format
 1  Zone 1 Map  Zone 1 Survey Data
 2  Zone 2 Map  Zone 2 Survey Data
 3  Zone 3 Map  Zone 3 Survey Data
 4  Zone 4 Map  Zone 4 Survey Data
 5  Zone 5 Map  Zone 5 Survey Data
 6  Zone 6 Map  Zone 6 Survey Data
 7  Zone 7 Map  Zone 7 Survey Data
 8  Zone 8 Map  Zone 8 Survey Data
 9  Zone 9 Map  Zone 9 Survey Data
 10  Zone 10 Map  Zone 10 Survey Data
 11  Zone 11 Map  Zone 11 Survey Data
 12  Zone 12 Map  Zone 12 Survey Data
 13  Zone 13 Map  Zone 13 Survey Data
 14  Zone 14 Map  Zone 14 Survey Data
 15  Zone 15 Map  Zone 15 Survey Data
 16  Zone 16 Map  Zone 16 Survey Data
 17  Zone 17 Map  Zone 17 Survey Data
 18  Zone 18 Map  Zone 18 Survey Data
 19  Zone 19 Map  Zone 19 Survey Data
 20  Zone 20 Map  Zone 20 Survey Data
 21  Zone 21 Map  Zone 21 Survey Data
 22  Zone 22 Map  Zone 22 Survey Data

Survey updates

Being living organisms, trees come and go with the rigours of time. There will be occasional losses due to disease, old age, storm damage, and therefore the existence of a tree in the survey does not guarantee that it will still be there when you go to view it. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, tree surveys are a work in progress and updates will occur as necessary to ensure the data remains as accurate as possible.

Any updates or enquiries about the survey should be emailed to David Beadle, Grounds Maintenance Manager. 

Sustainability Team

Estate Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD