Choose the world you want with Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight begins Monday 21 February, get involved.

What is Fairtrade and Fairtrade Fortnight?

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Fairtrade Fortnight runs for two weeks each year and is a way for people to learn more about Fairtrade and the impact climate change is having on farmers around the world. In 2022, Fairtrade Fortnight will be a show of solidarity with communities overseas on the frontline of the climate crisis.

Fair trade means that producers receive a guaranteed and fair price for their products, regardless of the price on the world market. The prices paid for the crops behind some of our favourite foods need to increase significantly for farmers to escape poverty and have the means to adapt climate emergencies.

 The Fairtrade Foundation offers a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient. For farmers and workers in the supply chain, this means standards for workers’ rights, working conditions and pay.

How the university is supporting Fairtrade

Fairtrade fortnight activities
As a university, we want to show our support by ensuring we sell a range of Fairtrade items, and promoting Fairtrade during the Fairtrade Fortnight.

Across all our retail outlets, you can find Fairtrade bananas, coffee, as well as a selection of Fairtrade chocolate and confectionery items. And during this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, look out for bake sales at DRSV, Coates and Hipps Cafes, and a raffle.

You can also get rewarded for getting involved in Fairtrade Fortnight on Green Rewards. Earn points for your sustainable actions and win prizes as you go!

Plus, as part of Sustainability Action Week, we will be providing free Fairtrade coffee (whilst stocks last), to those with their own reusable cup on Tuesday 1 March at our Sustainability Fair. Head over to the Engineering Science Learning Centre on University Park between 11-4pm.


 Join us this Fairtrade Fortnight and choose to act for climate justice.

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Posted on Monday 21st February 2022

Sustainability Team

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