The big hog-friendly lockdown litter pick challenge

Calling all hedgehog enthusiasts! Hedgehog Friendly Campus is holding an exciting UK-wide competition to find out which university can collect the most litter on campus, or in your local community, and is inviting you to take up the challenge. The challenge runs from 2 November to 18 December and the university that collects the most litter wins a hedgehog house for their campus.


Hedgehogs are covered in thousands of spines, making them vulnerable to becoming trapped in litter. Unfortunately, many hedgehogs die every year because of this. Taking part in the competition will clean up your community and save lots of animals.

How to take part

  • No need to sign up, just start collecting
  • You can collect litter anywhere in your local area, this doesn’t have to be on campus, as many people are studying/working remotely
  • Get others involved, they don’t have to study/work at the University
  • Send photos of your rubbish bags to Caroline by midday on Friday 18 December, include how many people collected that litter

Things to keep in mind

  • Conform to the COVID-19 guidelines in your area
  • Avoid hazardous objects (sharp objects, clinical waste, heavy lifting) and hazardous areas such as fast running rivers
  • If possible, work in pairs/groups from within your household/bubble
  • Litter pickers are useful and can be picked up cheaply, e.g. from Home Bargains for £1.29
  • Wear gloves
  • Cover any cuts
  • Keep your hands away from your face
  • Wash your hands straight after litter picking
  • Wear appropriate footwear/clothing
  • Recycle any plastic, glass, and aluminium cans

Are you a University staff member or student who loves hedgehogs? Join our team by contacting Hannah or follow our activities at

Posted on Thursday 22nd October 2020

Sustainability Team

Estate Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD