Hedgehog Friendly Campus competition winners


There were some fantastic contestants and photos for the hedgehog friendly garden competition held throughout spring 2021.

Congratulations to the winner Nichola Abrehart! You can see some of the photos from the entries below to inspire you to make some hedgehog friendly changes to your own garden.

Nichola's garden has hedgehog houses, is surrounded by hedges to allow hedgehogs to roam between neighbours’ gardens and there are always water bowls to drink from.


Heather Hill has another fantastic garden for hedgehogs with food and water, a hedgehog house and hedgehog highway so they can pass through gardens easily to forage for food.

 HHog highway (2)


Lyndsey Bowley’s garden provides hedgehogs with water and a safe pond for hedgehogs to get in and out of as well as an open compost bin to attract hedgehogs to nest in.

 pond (2)


Emma Campbell’s garden has a fantastic bug hotel, which should attract food for hungry hedgehogs, as well as a wild patch and hedgehog highway.

 wood pile


Carrie Quantick’s garden has a hedge to provide shelter, wormery, hedgehog highway and water and food for hedgehogs.



Congratulations and thank you to all contestants for what they do for hedgehogs and other wildlife. 

Posted on Tuesday 6th July 2021

Sustainability Team

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