Carbon Neutral Hotel Room Program

In a move aimed at tackling climate change head-on, Key Travel has announced that for the entire month of September, their Carbon Neutral Hotel Room program will go "carbon negative." This means that for every Carbon Neutral Hotel Room booked during this period, the company will double its environmental contribution to their carbon-reduction partner, Cool Effect, all without any additional cost to travellers. In an age where eco-consciousness is a driving force, Key Travel is leading the way, offering peace of mind to travellers while contributing to triple-verified carbon-reduction programs around the world. 


Exploring the Carbon Neutral Hotel Room Program

Key Travel introduced the Carbon Neutral Hotel Room program in October 2021 in collaboration with Expedia Partner Solutions. This innovative initiative allows travellers to offset the carbon emissions associated with each hotel night booked. The cost of offsetting is then donated to carbon reduction projects through Key Travel's partnership with Cool Effect, all without any additional expense to customers. 

Since its launch, over 200,000 room nights booked through Key Travel have been offset. To put this into perspective, this achievement is equivalent to the introduction of more than 740 carbon-reducing cookstoves in Honduras. These cookstoves, including construction, materials, training, and supervisory follow-up, have a significant positive impact on reducing carbon emissions. 

Qualifying for Carbon Negative Hotel Rooms

The best part?

Travellers don't need to take any extra steps to benefit from this promotion. Every Carbon Neutral Room booked during September will automatically qualify for the "carbon negative" initiative. Travellers simply need to select a hotel rate with the Carbon Neutral logo when booking through KT Online. 

Why Choose Key Travel

Beyond the environmentally friendly aspect, booking hotels through Key Travel offers travellers the widest selection of options, with over 500,000 hotels worldwide offering carbon-neutral rooms. What's more, many of these carbon-neutral hotels are part of the 'Do Good' rate program, which often includes an average discount of 14% on rates. Additional perks like free Wi-Fi and flexible booking conditions sweeten the deal, making it a win-win for travellers looking to make responsible choices without compromising on quality or affordability. 

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Key Travel is setting a commendable example by making it easier than ever for travellers to contribute to the fight against climate change while enjoying a comfortable and affordable stay. There has never been a better time to book hotels with Key Travel. 

Travelers, mark your calendars for September! With Key Travel's "carbon negative" promotion, you can book Carbon Neutral Hotel Rooms and double your environmental impact without increasing your costs. Join the movement towards sustainable travel and help make a difference while exploring the world.

Choose Key Travel, where responsible choices meet convenience and savings.

Posted on Wednesday 20th September 2023

Sustainability Team

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