The Arabidopsis Gene Discovery Network

TARGET at the University of Nottingham represents a collection of eight groups whose work focuses on a common experimental organism - Arabidopsis thaliana. TARGET aims to integrate the expertise within our network to facilitate the discovery of plant genes with agricultural importance

Arabidopsis thaliana represents the first higher plant to have its entire genome sequence determined (AtENSEMBL). The Arabidopsis genome contains five chromosomes (see logo) that encode over 25, 000 genes, many of which are of agronomic value in related species such as Brassica. A selection of these genes is being studied by TARGET at the University of Nottingham School of Bioscience. Many of the 70 TARGET scientists are accommodated in a new 7 million state of the art Plant Science research building. TARGET is made up of Arabidopsis research groups from the divisions of Plant Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Agricultural & Environmental Sciences together with the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Center (NASC) and the Multi-Disciplinary Centre for Integrative Biology (MyCIB).


Bennett Lab - Auxin transport. Vascular development. Nutritional genomics.
(Malcolm Bennett)

Broadley Lab - Uptake and transport of mineral nutrients, heavy metals and radionuclides.
(Martin Broadley)

CPIB- (The Centre for Plant Integrative Biology )
creation of a virtual root to serve as an exemplar for using Integrative Systems Biology (ISB) to model multi-cellular systems.
(Charlie Hodgman)

Fray Lab - Post-transcriptional modification of mRNA.
(Rupert Fray)

Holdsworth Lab - Genetic analysis of seed development and germination. Crop functional genomics.
(Mike Holdsworth)

Lycett Lab - Secretion of proteins in seeds and fruit. Rab GTPses in tomato and Arabidopsis.
(Grantley Lycett)

MyCIB - (The Multi-Disciplinary Centre for Integrative Biology)
Through collaboration, integrates biology with physical sciences, experimentalists with theoreticians, academia with industry.
(Charlie Hodgman)

NASC - (Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre) Arabidopsis genomics. Arabidopsis genetic resources. Transcriptomics. Bioinformatics. Biological ontologies. Data integration.
(Sean May)

Pyke Lab - Development and differentiation of plastids and their interaction with leaf structure.
(Kevin Pyke)

Roberts Lab - Abscission and dehiscence. Plant hormones in growth and differentiation.
(Jerry Roberts)

Harry Smith - Phytochrome mediated plant responses to the natural environment.

Tucker Lab - Improving the Quality of Fruits and their Products.
(Greg Tucker)

Wilson Lab - Anther and pollen development. Molecular markers and mapping.
(Zoe Wilson)


TARGET Meetings

TARGET Meetings will take place from 1.00-2.00 pm on the following dates in Lecture Room 11 (A16) of the Plant Sciences Building, Sutton Bonington Campus, The University of Nottingham.

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Other Meetings:

Plant Science Seminars, most Wednesdays

Microarray User meetings


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NASC - Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre

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