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If MOOCS are about opening a window onto our research and teaching expertise to the outside world, our NOOCs are about supporting the academic development and employability of our students. What they have in common is their use of technology to support collaborative and intercultural learning online.

Prof Sarah Speight,
School of Education

What are MOOCs?

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are short courses delivered online for free. The courses have thousands of participants from around the world and are open to everyone. We have been delivering MOOCs on the FutureLearn platform since 2014 as part of a consortium of top-class universities and institutions from the UK and overseas. MOOCs allow us to share and showcase our expertise externally and provide rich sources of learning about effective online pedagogies.

We have run a wide range of MOOCs including: Sustainability, Society and You (which was our very first MOOC), How to Read a Mind, Shale Gas and Fracking, How to Read your Boss, and Designing E-Learning for Health.

You can register now for Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life, starting 16 May.

Find out more about MOOCs at the University Of Nottingham

What are NOOCs?

The NOOC (Nottingham Open Online Course) is the Nottingham variant on a MOOC. NOOCs are delivered on Moodle and are open to staff and students across the international campuses. They are designed to make efficient and effective use of Nottingham’s global community by supporting the exchange of knowledge across contexts and cultures.

Our NOOC portfolio includes Your University Journey Years 1 and 2, Spain and Latin America: Transatlantic Crossings, Globalisation and Internationalisation of Higher Education, Sustainable and Responsible Business, On Course for Your Masters, Sustainability, Society and You, and The Changing University.

NOOCs and MOOCs support our Teaching and Learning Strategy by providing useful models for engagement, assessment and an outcomes-driven curriculum. They can be used in support of face-to-face teaching, as part of blended-learning programmes, or as means to share provision between our campuses.



  • Prof Sarah Speight,
    School of Education
  • Steve Stapleton,
    Senior Project Manager for MOOCs and NOOCs 

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