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Role of the teacher

Staff who teach in the university describe their role as:

  • a guide to development of the subject expertise
  • a mentor of intellectual development
  • a role-model for the discipline culture.

Which role is adopted at which time depends on the level of study, how we want students to develop, and the type of teaching activities in which they are engaging.

What colleagues are saying about the role of the teacher

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The lecturer-student relationship

"If you look at the Indian culture, technically our teacher is supposed to be as God for us ..."


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University regulations

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Characteristics of an effective teacher

As identified by colleagues …

… enthusiasm …

An effective teacher must be passionate about their subject. Only if you are enthusiastic will students have the chance to develop enthusiasm themselves

Dr Krishnasamy Selvan, Faculty of Engineering,
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

… interaction …

I like to ask students things that they will have an opinion on, things there's no wright or wrong answer to, to encourage a dialogue between the lecturer and the audience. 

Dr William Bowden,
School of Humanities

… research experience …

Someone who has direct access to research, so somebody who is teaching directly from their own experience is very valuable, I think.

Dr Angus Davison,
School of Biology

… clarity …

Teachers can be very effective by being very clear - making complicated comcepts relatively straightforward without oversimplifying

Prof. Peter Cartwright,
School of Law

… inspiration …

An effective teacher is a facillitator who can encourage students to learn through a passion for knowledge, rather than the pressure of passing exams 

Dr Angelina Lee, Business School,
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

… relevance …

I choose examples that are on their wavelength. So it's not something from a crusty old textbook from the 1960s, it's something they can engage with and see how it impacts on their own lives. 

Dr Louise Mullany,
School of English Studies

… credibility

Your credibility as a researcher is not neccessarily known to the students, so your credibility grows over the semester according to the way you present the material and respond to challenges. 

Prof. Daniel Bernholfen,
School of Economics

… respect …

Respect should always be at the heart of the whole. We're operating as a team - I feel very strongly about having this relationship 

Dr Katharina Lomez,
School of Humanities


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