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How to accept your offer

You can reply to all of your offers through UCAS Track.

You don't need to reply to any offers until all five of the universities or colleges you applied to have notified you of their decisions. Depending on when this takes place, you will have from one to five weeks to respond.

UCAS have detailed information on their Replying to your offers page.

International students

Not all international students apply through UCAS.

The International Office webpages provide information to support applicants from outside the UK and EU.

How to accept

Types of offer

There are two types of offer:

Unconditional offer

If you make this your firm choice then the place is yours and you will be starting in September.

Conditional offer

If you make this offer your firm choice then the place is yours, provided you meet the entry requirements set out.


Choices and replies

There are three different replies you can make:

Firm acceptance

This is your first choice and is the course you will enrol on when you meet any entry requirements that have been specified in your offer.

Insurance acceptance

This is your backup choice, in case you do not meet the entry requirements of your first choice.


Once you have decided on a firm, and if necessary, an insurance choice, you should decline all other offers. 

You are unable to choose between your firm and insurance choices when you get your results. Therefore, make sure you are happy with your firm and insurance choices when you reply.


The University will usually accept applications more than 12 months before the date of admission if there are good reasons – for example, if you will be gaining relevant work experience, spending time abroad to improve your languages, or need to obtain a university place before being considered for industrial sponsorship. You should indicate your preferred start date on your application form if you would like a deferred start date.

If you already hold an offer, please advise us that you wish to defer as early as possible by emailing myucas@nottingham.ac.uk

Requests for deferral will be approved at the discretion of the academic school or department. The maximum period allowed for deferral is one academic year. Please note that your academic qualifications must be valid at your revised start date. For offer holders whose first language isn’t English, your English Language qualifications/tests must also be valid at your revised start date.

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