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Neil Watkinson

Neil Watkinson joined Council in 2007 and became Chair of Audit and Risk Committee in 2015.  He has been a member of Nominations Committee since 2008 and Remuneration Committee since 2016; he was previously on Finance Committee (2008-2015) and Strategy and Planning Committee (2008-2014).

Neil is now a Senior Civil Servant, having previously held a number of FTSE 250 executive board positions including Managing Director, Commercial Director and HR Director and has worked in sectors as varied as high technology, business process outsourcing, healthcare and transportation.  A former career officer in the Royal Marine Commandos, Neil is now a Lieutenant Colonel with their reserves.  Neil is bilingual (and bicultural) in French, speaks fluent Spanish and conversational German.  Neil is a graduate in Industrial Economics from the University of Nottingham as well as a former President of the Students' Union.  He is also an alumnus of Templeton College, Oxford.

Hear Neil's thoughts on University Council and the need for good governance within universities (1 min 17 secs):

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