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Tony Avery


Professor Antony J Avery joined the Council in 2016.

Tony is Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham.  He is also a general practitioner in Nottingham and Professor of Primary Health Care.  Since 1992 he has held an academic appointment at the University of Nottingham while continuing to undertake part-time clinical work in a local general practice.  His research activities focus on identifying the frequency, nature and causes of prescribing safety problems in primary care, and the development and testing of interventions to improve safety.  He has led a number of important studies in recent years including a GMC-funded PRACTICE study to investigate the prevalence, nature and causes of prescribing errors in general practices; the PINCER trial demonstrating the effectiveness of a pharmacist-led, IT-based, intervention to help reduce prescribing errors in general practice; a major evaluation of patient reporting to the UK Yellow Card Scheme and the development of a Patient Safety Toolkit for use in general practices.

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