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Hermle C800U Machining Centre

  • 5-Axis
  • Controller: Siemens 840D 
  • Maximum linear traverse(X,Y,Z): 800X600X500
  • Maximum rotary traverse (A,C): 220°X360°
  • Spindle speed: 15,000 rev/min
  • Spindle power: 10.5 kW
  • Feed rate:
  • Coolant supply facility: external flood supply (40l/min at 3 bar)
  • CNC milling with processing module for laser build up welding


Makino A55E Horizontal Machining Centre 

  • 5-Axis
  • Controller: FANUC (with added helical interpolation)
  • Maximum linear traverse(X,Y,Z): 560x560x560mm
  • Maximum rotary traverse(A,B): 360°X180°
  • Spindle speed: 15,000 rev/min
  • Spindle power: 18.5KW
  • Feed rate: 60 m/min
  • Coolant supply facility: max. 70bar through spindle
  • Monitoring equipment dedicated to this machine centre: 4-axis force, 3-axis acceleration, acoustic emission, spindle power sensors


Non-conventional and bespoke machine tools


Hexapod Machine Tool

micro machining

Micro Machine Tool



Water Jet

Small WaterJet
Big WaterJet

Water-jet cutting facility

The water jet facility has a capability of producing 55,000 psi and speeds of up to 2,000 mph. This is powerful enough to cut through even difficult to machine materials, such as Metal Matrix Composites, to great depths and accuracy. The machine itself is designed for high accuracy, control and performance. There is a five-axis gantry manipulator and a 360° rotary table which is continuous or indexing. All axes are CNC programmable. The processing axes are 1.8m (72”) in x and y and 1m (39”) in the z axis.



Laser machining and cutting


LaserTec 60 HSC Laser Machining Centre

  • Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser
  • 100w Maximum power
  • 60m X 60mm working envelope
  • Microsecond pulse


SPI G3 SM Series Pulsed Fibre Laser

  • 7kW Peak power 20W average
  • 1-1000 kHz pulse rate




Wire electro-discharge machining


Sodick AQ750L

  • Maximum workpiece volume: 1050 x 750 x 600
  • Maximum linear traverse(X,Y,Z): 750 x 500 x 600
  • Maximum taper angle: ±30°
  • Wire size range: Ø0.15~Ø0.33
  • Wire tension: 3-23N
  • Maximum wire speed: 420 mm/s



Mitutoyo Euro-C-A-121210 CMM

(Other Metrology equipment)

  • GOM Non-contact 3D scanner
  • Taylor Hobson surtronic surface finish measurer
  • Hardness testing (macro and micro)
  • White light interferometr


Other equipment

We have facilities designed/acquired for specific purposes including process monitoring where various sensors are used for monitoring the machining processes.

Sensors in our facility include:

  • Kistler static and rotating dynamometers
  • Kistler acoustic emission monitors and accelerometers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Power monitoring sensors


Our selection of inspection and analysis of machining quality includes:

Other Equipment:

  • Philips SEM
  • Siemens X-ray diffractometer
  • Optical and digital microscopy
  • Prosig Impact Hammer testing equipment

Our selection of CAD/CAM/CAE software:

  • Catia, Pro Engineer
  • Pro Manufacture, MasterCAM
  • Abaqus, ANSYS, Sysweld
  • DATS Impact hammer testing software
  • MEscope modal analysis software

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