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Clinical Associates

Clinical education and experience on the undergraduate programme is completed in the lecture free final year through Clinical Practice Modules, in which students work alongside local clinical staff and university academic staff placed in Clinical Associate Institutions.  The Clinical Practice Modules provide experience of all domestic species, livestock production systems and wildlife conservation, as well as pathology and public health.

Our approach to Clinical Practice Module teaching provides students with experience of first and second opinion cases and will result in the completion of the acquisition of true 'Day One' competencies.  Teaching and learning is based upon observation, discussion and practical experience; at each institution, students are under the supervision of university academic staff placed at, and working within, the institution.

Although the Clinical Associates will be primarily involved in Year 5 Clinical Practice Module rotations, some are also involved in teaching delivery in earlier years.  The School is also installing "teaching and learning observatories" - videoconferencing facilities allowing the real-time delivery of clinical material into the school from the Clinical Associates' premises.

The school's Clinical Associates are:

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