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Veterinary Pathology Service

Developed around clinical rotations of final-year veterinary students, in collaboration with the Poultry Health Service. Students experience two weeks of hands-on training in pathology, in which they are involved in receiving and discussing clinical case histories, developing technical skills in gross anatomic dissection and its interpretation, and in writing concise pathology reports and communicating findings to clinicians.

Biopsy and necropsy submissions to the University of Nottingham are overseen by University pathologists:

Submitting clinicians receive complete diagnostic reports covering:

  • cause of death
  • gross and histopathology descriptions and diagnoses
  • pathologist comments
  • imaging as appropriate



Case submission

To submit a case to the pathology service please complete the relevant form below, ensure you have completed every section of the form including instructions regarding cremation if this is required.

Please also ensure that you have read our Procedures and Fees PDF format

Submission forms

The School of Veterinary Medicine and Science share facilities with the Poultry Health Service. It is essential that the practice intended to receive your submission is clearly identified.

Delivery with completed submission forms is possible from 9:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday. Please be sure to phone ahead of delivery.

Only qualified veterinarians can submit cases to the University of Nottingham pathology service.

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