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Jennifer Edwards





I was awarded a BSc in Animal Science from the University of Nottingham in 2012, which consisted of general animal physiology, applied animal science and molecular biology modules. I specialised during the third year in nutritional and reproductive subjects with a focus on molecular mechanisms in development. My undergraduate research project was a literature review on the nutritional and health influences on reproductive performance. This mainly looked into applications for nutritional programs in livestock species or effects on human health.

Degree Registration:

PhD, BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership, Veterinary Medicine and Science

School Research Theme:

Reproductive Biology 

Research Topic:

Dietary influences on bovine epigenetic programming.

Summary of Research:

Cattle fertility is declining and much economic loss is caused by increased embryo mortality. Nutrition has a major influence in livestock production and has been shown to play a role in programming adult responses. This project will focus on dietary programs in beef cattle systems, particularly the levels of protein, to try and determine the effects transferred to the calves from the maternal environment. This will focus on the epigenetic modifications in embryos and oocytes that arise from alterations in maternal diet. It will consist of oocyte and embryo treatments in vitro and comparisons of transcription levels using microarray analysis.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Nigel Mongan (primary supervisor), Dr Viv Perry, Dr Bob Robinson

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