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I obtained an MEng in Financial Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris and an MSc in Applied Mathematics in Random Process from the University of Paris-Diderot both in 2010. After spending a small time in the universe of Finance, I decided to change my field and completed an MEng in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell in 2012, where I worked on a bio-reactor project for the heart valve. I was in charge of the modelling of the bioreactor behaviour in order to control it and reproduce the heart cycle.

During my year at Cornell, I took some courses in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmcodynamics (PK/PD) which consisted of modelling how the body absorbs, metabolises and eliminates a drug (PK) and the effects of a drug on the body (PD). This area of study was perfect for me, since it requires mathematical skills and a biological/physical understanding of the human body. In fact, the key application of this field is to accelerate the process of drug discovery by reducing the number of experiments and optimizing treatments. With a will to work in this field it brought me here to the University of Nottingham.

Degree Registration:

PhD Veterinary Medicine and Science, due for completion 2015.

School Research Theme:

Comparative Medicine

Research Topic:

Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics of Drug-Drug Interactions applied to Tumour Growth.

Summary of Research:

Cancer is becoming a more common disease in our modern world. The classical treatments are radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which are not specific to the cancer tissues. This causes damages to healthy tissues, which makes the patient suffer a lot. During this past decade, new drugs have been developed to be more specific and localized, but the cancer cells are able to become resistant to these new drugs. One of the new strategies is the use of two drugs at different times so as to not let the cancer cells become resistant. In order to optimize this strategy (Frequency of Intakes, lag-time between the Intakes of the two Drugs, Doses), it is important to understand the PK of these two drugs and their PK-interactions (induction, inhibition) to know their concentrations over time. Furthermore, understanding the dynamics of a tumour growth is as important in order to quantify the effect and their PD-interaction (Synergy, Additive or Antagonism) of the drugs on its growth (PD).

My research consists to make a model which characterise the PK/PD of two cancer drugs and their interactions, PK as PD interactions, in order to optimize treatment and identifying what are the parameters which make the cancer cells the most vulnerable.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Stuart Paine

Dr Cyril Rauch

Primary Funding Source:

Vertex Pharmaceutical


None to date


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