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Giuliana graduated as a vet from Peru in 2003.  Following graduation she was accepted to do an externship in small animal medicine and surgery at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.  Following this training she continued her educcation as an Intern, completing this in 2005.  Since then Giuliana has focused in training and learning more about animal behaviour and welfare.  In August 2011, she completed an MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Edinburgh with the research topic of play behaviour of calves during weaning.  This research was carried out under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Anne Marie de Passillé and Dr Jeff Rushen in the Agri-Food Research Centre in Agassiz-Canada.  She joined the Dairy Herd Health group of the University of Nottingham in October of 2011 as a PhD student and she aims to complete her degree in September 2014.

Degree Registration:


School Research Theme:

Population Health and Welfare

Research Topic:

Behaviour and welfare of lame dairy cows that received lameness treatments.

Summary of Research:

I am veterinarian focussed on the research of animal behaviour and welfare.  My current research project is focussed on lameness in dairy cattle housed in automatic milking systems.  I am looking at the behaviours of lame cows that received treatment for this condition.  I am interested to further our knowledge and understanding of the behaviours of animals and how this can be affected by different diseases, management and veterinary practices.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Jon Huxley

Dr Jasmeet Kaler 



Primary Funding Source:

University of Nottingham


  • G. G. Miguel-Pacheco, A. Vaughan, A. M. de Passillé and J. Rushen. Relationship between locomotor play of dairy calves and their weight gains and energy intakes around weaning. animal, available on CJO2015. doi:10.1017/S1751731115000063.
  • Miguel-Pacheco G.G., Kaler J., Remnant J., Cheyne L., Abbott C., French A.P., Pridmore T.P.,  Huxley J.N. Behavioural changes in dairy cows with lameness in an automatic milking system January 2014 (Vol. 150, Pages 1-8)
  • Miguel-Pacheco G.G., Thomas H., Kaler J., Remnant J., Huxley J.N. (2013) Resting to recover: Changes in lying behaviour caused by lameness treatment. International Lameness Conference. Bristol, United Kingdom.
  • Miguel-Pacheco G.G., Kaler J., Remnant J., Huxley J.N. (2012) Impact in dairy cows on their visits to an automatic milking system: A case control study. ISVEE August 2012. Maastricht, Netherlands.
  • Miguel-Pacheco G.G., Vaughan A., de Passillé A. M., Rushen J. (2012) Play behaviour of dairy calves after weaning according to grain intake. ISAE July 2012 Viena, Austria.



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