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Leah Goulding



B32, Vet School


I graduated from the University Of Nottingham with a BSc in genetics in 2014. During my degree I completed a project which involved attempting to determine the DNA sequence of the DUX4 gene encoding the activation domain of the transcription factor. We hoped that this would increase our understanding of translocations involving DUX4 in the development and progression of soft tissue sarcomas. However, I have always been interested in veterinary medicine and so have taken the opportunity to pursue a PhD in this field.

Degree Registration:

PhD, due for completion in 2018

School Research Theme:

Animal Infection and Immunity

Research Topic:

Molecular interactions between hypertrophic growth and innate immune resistance of skeletal muscle

Summary of Research:

Skeletal muscle comprises about 50% of body mass and so the contribution of skeletal muscle in regard to host immunity is of great interest. This research aims to analyse the interactions between the components of key growth signalling pathways and the innate immune system in skeletal muscle and so determine whether the promotion of enhanced muscle growth functionally affects cellular innate immunity.

Research Supervisors:

Professor Kin-Chow Chang

Primary Funding Source:

The University of Nottingham, Zoetis


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