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My undergraduate degree is in Dairy Science, from Texas A&M University in the US. This was followed by a Master of Science from Cornell University, in Animal Science and International Agriculture. The topic of my Master's thesis was "Prophylactic treatment of subclinical intramammary infections in dairy cows based on somatic cell count." I then went on to a 20+ year career in healthcare marketing and marketing communications, both in the animal health and human health fields, and both at communications agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Most recently I have been a marketing person and head of corporate communications for Novartis Animal Health, North America.

Degree Registration:

PhD studentship

School Research Theme:

Population Health and Welfare

Research Topic:

Veterinary-Client-Patient Communications

Summary of Research:

Though the importance of veterinarian-client-communications to diagnostic and treatment success has been increasingly recognised, it is a topic for which there is still relatively little training in Veterinary College and relatively little coverage in the scientific literature. The intent of my research is to survey current understanding and practice in veterinary-client-patient communications, then focus on a specific diseases state (still to be determined), to see if there opportunities to optimise communications approaches and training.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Rachel Dean - Associate Professor in Feline Medicine

Dr Victoria Tischler - Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Professor Malcolm Cobb - Professor of Comparative Veterinary Medicine, Deputy Head of School

Primary Funding Source:

Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine (funded in part by Novartis Animal Health


Sensitivity and specificity of the somatic cell count in diagnosing intranammary infections in lactating dairy cows ( J Dairy Science 1982)

Prophylactic treatment of subclinical intramammary infections in dairy cows based on somatic cell count (J Dairy Science 1982)

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