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Poh Ying Lim



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I finished my degree in Bachelor of Bioinformatics from University Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2006. After that, I completed my Master in Statistic in 2009 at University Sains Malaysia. 

Degree Registration:

Malaysia Nottingham Doctoral Programme (MNDP) –University of Nottingham and University Sains Malaysia

School Research Theme:

Population Health and Welfare

Research Topic:

An evaluation of the dynamics and aetiology of topographical and clinical descriptors of hock lesions in dairy cows

Summary of Research:

Hock lesions are currently one of the prevalent leg injuries in dairy cattle. The severity of hock lesions vary from hair loss to open wounds and swelling. Although categorical scales have been used to assess the severity of lesions, there is no commonly used, standard scoring system. The impact of hock injures on the welfare of the animal is largely unknown.

This research wish to provide an insight into the dynamics of hock lesions in dairy cows and farm management strategies that could be used to reduce hock lesions and improve dairy cow welfare.  For this purpose, statistical modelling of different collected datasets will be carried out to explore and answer the research questions posed. Analysis will include exploring and comparing different statistical techniques to address the clinical questions and will also involve a clear evaluation of the extent to which statistical models explain the heterogeneity of the data.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Jasmeet Kaler

Dr Jon Huxley

Prof Martin Green

Prof Abdul Rahman Othman (University Sains Malaysia)

Primary Funding Source:

Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)

University Sains Malaysia




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