School of Veterinary Medicine and Science

Khaled Shibany



B31, Vet School


I graduated from the University of Tripoli as a veterinary surgeon in 1995. I then went into general practice as a veterinary surgeon for five years before moving to the faculty of veterinary medicine to work as a demonstrator in the Department of Internal Medicine in 2000. After 2 further years as an administrator,   I awarded a scholarship to obtain an MSc in veterinary medicine and sciences. I completed my MSc in laboratory animal science in 2006. After that, I joined the faculty of veterinary medicine and science, University of Tripoli as a co- Lecturer in 2007. In 2010 I was awarded 4 years funding through the  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Libya to complete a full time PhD.

Degree Registration:

PhD, due for completion in September 2017

School Research Theme:

Comparative Medicine

Research Topic:

The Development of a 3D In Vitro Model using Equine Hepatocytes for the Study of Drug Metabolism in the Horse.

Summary of Research:

Horses are extensively exposed to different kinds of medication. However, limited information is available about how these medications are metabolised in this species. Accordingly, the main aim of this PhD project is to develop a three dimensional 3D model that mimics the in vivo tissue. Within these 3D structures, the important hepatic functions should be retained by the re-establishment of cell-cell interaction and specific microenvironments.

Research Supervisors:

Dr Stuart Paine

Dr Sabine Totemeyer

Primary Funding Source:

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Libya


  • B. Garre´, K. Shebany, A. Gryspeerdt, K. Baert, K. van der Meulen, H. Nauwynck, P. Deprez, P. De Backer and S. Croubels. 2007. Pharmacokinetics of Acyclovir after Intravenous Infusion of Acyclovir and after Oral Administration of Acyclovir and Its Prodrug Valacyclovir in Healthy Adult Horses. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 51: 4308–4314.

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